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Amazing Thunder


I know... Get over it... Thunder sucked anyways! Although Thunder is no longer Golden State's mascot, for me, that was one of many things missing this season (along with the playoffs) that bothered me. So what if OKC jacked our mascot's name? Why were we one of the only teams in the NBA this season without a mascot? Did it really matter? Yea it did! Kids got a kick out of him and he got me all excited at the home games by bringing that extra hype any mascot is supposed to do!

A few months ago I ended Thunder's spotlight with a "Death of a Mascot..." portrayal that kind of ended on a down note. With this Amazing Fantasy rendition... (Yes that's Rowell he's holding!) I wanted to finish off my Thunder segment with something a little more upbeat... for the Bay Area folks. Enjoy!

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