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Crazy kids and their..."techmology" Part II Twitter, Twitter, Chicken Dinner!

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I did some more reearch into what The Cool Kids are doing these days using useful SEO tools like Google Keyword Tool, Google Trends, QuantCast, Alexa, Sherpa Marketing as well as reading useful comprehensive journals like Science, Nature, Biomaterials, The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, and The New York Times, and I came to this conclusion.

People use Twitter.


That was a ton of work for such a simple finding.

Did you know that we're on Twitter too? No? Well start following us!

username: unstoppablebaby

Know who else is on Twitter? ME! RDizzle!

username: RDizzleGSoM

Jump for some info about the accounts, and for the #1 reason why you should follow us....


SBNation's Race to 5,000 Twitter Followers

A little competition never hurt anyone right? We all know that here at SBNation, Golden State of Mind is one of the best, but now it's time to prove it.

First, thank you to all of those that follow us constantly and check out site multiple times a day (I'm looking at you IQofaWarrior). We appreciate the continued support. But now it's time to show SBNation, Yahoo, Google, heck, THE WORLD, who we are!

SBNation's having this silly little compeition to see which member of it's blog network can reach 5,000 Twitter Followers. GSoM's lagging a bit, but we'll get there. Know why? In the words of DJ Khaled - WE THE BEST!

Why do it, you ask? Well, the winning blog not only gets bragging rights, BUT SOME OF THE FOLLOWERS ALSO GET FREE STUFF.

Free stuff? Why not?!

Follow us on Twitter!


But why Follow this R Dizzle character?

I was reading up on this whole Twitter business, and I said to myself,

"Self, why not join up? Why not be a part of this mass tech boom? Wouldn't it be cool if you could share with GSoM members your thoughts about trades, games, the lottery, random players, in real time? Wouldn't that be cool?"

Yes, yes it would be. I'm sure you all would love to see my thoughts as the playoffs occur as well as offseason moves. I'm going to be commenting on various players too - like Baron Davis, Jason Richardson, Chris Bosh, and whoever else I can find (toss up user names in the comments) so we'll call it a little...LIVE BLOGGING!?!?

Moral of the story



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