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NBA Suck Squad: Day 26 of the 2k9 NBA Playoffs

The Cleveland Cavaliers have gone on an impressive "Fo' and fo'" thus far in the 2009 Eastern Conference Playoff bracket. Do you think they have what it takes to bounce one of these squads off of this list [Ball Don't Lie]?

Jump for some Day 25 rewinding and Day 26 previewing.


Both teams protected the house last night.

Orlando Magic 88, Boston Celtics 92 (Celtics lead 3-2)

Third Quarter Collapse: This is seriously looking like another case of the Orlando Tragic. Do they realize that the Celtics' best player isn't even playing? They're calling it "stunning" over in Orlando, but I think they should be calling it a "wake up call". Can this roster and head coach get them to where they want to go?

Celtics Blog: Call it a COMEBACK. While Howard's calling out his coach, the artist formerly known as Starburry is singing a redemption song. They're not kidding, that was a nice comeback.

In Beantown they've got to be asking themselves the same question we've been asking ourselves here in the Bay Area the past 2 seasons- what if KG was here?

Houston Rockets 78, LA Lakers 118 (Lakers lead 3-2)

The Dream Shake: Well after that impressive and gusty win in Houston, the Rockets straight up just got PUMMELED.

Silver Screen and Roll: I'm not really sure what cuisine LA is famous for (don't mind me I'm just a Shallow Cal hater from the Yay Area), but after that big W last night at Staples they're claiming that ain't no cooking like some home cooking. Derek Fisher made the bad section on their The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, but with his perpetual low hoops IQ and poor D when he can't flop his way into calls and lay out some cheapshots, he makes my ugly list any day. Give Laker fans credit though, most Faker fans I know actually think Fisher is a great player.


Dallas Mavericks @ Denver Nuggets (Nuggets lead 3-1): 6pm PST on TNT

Mavs Moneyball: Sure after Monday night's classless display by Dallas fans, you'd be more than happy to see them "gone fishing", but it's impressive that they're stayin' alive. Wes has a drama-free link roundup for you. Don't believe me? Check this out:

I am so tired of the Carmelo's gf, Martin's mom, Cuban, thug, racism, punk, throwing drinks, he said-she said, they started it, blog apoligies, and 'f****t motherfuc@*r' crap. It's stupid. All of it, by everyone on both sides. I really don't care, and it really has almost no impact on the game. Starting with Dirk's drama, Mavs playoff coverage has been reduced to Page 6 material. I'm not linking to a single story on any of it because it doesn't matter.

Pickaxe and Roll: They don't seem to be too impressed with Cuban's apology over in Denver, but their eyes seem to be more focused on the star power on display in this series- Carmelo Anthony vs. Dirk Nowitzki. Be warned Dallas, the Bird is ready to take flight.

I'm expecting a close game, but Melo should tell LaLa to pack her bags for LA tonight.


I give them props for matching if nothing else.


Remember my golden peoples, the Golden State Warriors version of the 2009 NBA Playoffs is coming up in less than a week! Mark your calendars.

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