Conference Call coming up with Rowell and Riley this Thursday

So I just got off the phone with another warriors sales rep and he was trying to get me to renew my tickets again for like the 5th time even though I made it clear to them that I didn't have any interest in renewing for the next season. He asked me what in particular I didn't like and I told him I wasn't happy with the direction that the team is heading: we just got a new controversial GM, it seems like the front office only cares about money and not winning, the team we have right now isn't cutting it, I didn't get much in return with this investment... he then replied and said that there were plenty of holders in the same situation as me so Larey Riley and Robert Rowell are holding a conference call that is being moderated by Bob Fitzgerald for season ticket holders only on Thursday 5/21 @ 1:30pm where they would take phone calls and answer any questions that we may have. They want to make sure the fans know the direction the team is headed...

This really just seems to me they are in a huge hole with ticket renewals and they need to try anything possible to get them back because at the end of the call my rep told me he's still holding my seats even after the renewal deadline was way back and I told him I didn't want to renew.

This conference call could be a great way for GSOMers to voice their frustrations!!! I know I'm going to try. Who else is going to try and join in on the call? Anyone have any good questions to ask these two?

For those who aren't holders you can listen to the call within 24 hours after the event on the warriors official site.

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