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Day 15 of the NBA 2k9 Playoffs

As one series goes to Game 7, another will play theirs today. The Heat took care of the Hawks at home while the Celtics and Bulls battle it out. 


#5 Miami Heat 98, #4 Atlanta Hawks 72

D-Wade had a huge game for the Heat especially at the free throw line going 16-17. The rookie came up big too, Michael Beasley with a beastly 22-15. Meanwhile, the Hawks better be careful, anything could happen in Game 7 especially when you have the superstar going against you. Will we see a LeBron - Wade matchup?

Peachtree Hoops Recap (Hawks blog)
Peninsula is Mightier Recap (Heat blog)

#7 Chicago Bulls @ #2 Boston Celtics - 5pm TNT

The best series so far concludes tonight with what might just be a classic game 7. Does anyone doubt this one will go to OT? Derrick Rose, Ben Gordon, Joakim Noah are going to have to play one hell of a game to beat Boston on their home floor.

Blog-A-Bull vs CelticsBlog

I'm picking the Celtics but pulling for the Bulls. Go Bulls!

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