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OPEN THREAD: Easten Conference Finals Game 1 - Magic @ Cavaliers


"I can't believe it...It's Superman vs. Lex Luthor?!?!"

Orlando Magic at Cleveland Cavaliers, 5:30 PM on TNT

They call him LBJ

Unstoppable is what they say

But the Magic have big Dwight

Think he can bring the Kryptonite?

Can't forget about Big Z

He can take down Courtney Lee

Coaching staff is a buncha fun G

Just look at Stan Van Gundy



That guy be smoking too many Laramies

Tryin to look like Ron Jeremy

But what about Mike Brown (WHO?)

 Mike Brown  (WHO?)



Tryin to get his first crown

I can't lie - I'm still trippin'

Thinkin Blake's bout to be Clippin'

Enough of that cause let's focus on tonight

Cause when these men hit the court and turn down the lights

I forsee a Cleveland win

Hard to be happy, cause I've commited basketball sins

Bein a fan of a crap-tastic franchise



Take a second to look me in the eyes, and realize

But I've been through the pain, the struggle, the sorrow, the tough love

I'm still a survivor, a soldier, a Warrior, ALL THE ABOVE



Jump while I take a link dump....


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