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Warriors Conference Call with Season Ticket Holders: What would you ask Robert Rowell and Larry Riley?

Yesterday my highly esteemed colleague Fantasy Junkie got a personal call from Warriors play-by-play man Bob Fitzgerald (okay, it was just a recording) inviting the GSoM Crew to participate in the the season ticket holder conference call with the head of Warriors (mis)management Robert Rowell and new GM Larry Riley this Thursday afternoon.

After word broke out by GSoMer bojangles408 that this conference call was happening several days ago and we didn't receive an invitation I figured we just weren't invited even though we're season ticket holders. I mean can you really blame them? We don't sugar coat The Suck here at GSoM and we've been telling it like it is when it comes to how inept owner Chris Cohan, Rowell, and company are since 2005.

I obviously don't think too highly of the "work" Cohan and Rowell have done here in the Bay Area running the Warriors, nor their resumes and unprofessional business tactics, but I must say I really do appreciate the kind invitation.

As you can probably imagine my partners in golden-ness and I have wasted way too much time today brainstorming what questions to ask. A few of our ideas after the jump.

Fantasy Junkie:

Does Rowell think he's been successful since he took over? (If so, he's got a funny definition of success.) If not, why is he still around and how much longer will he be around if they keep missing the playoffs?

Ask Rowell why it's okay to get rid of Mullin using the reasoning that he only got to 1 playoff appearance in 5 years, but Rowell's still there after 1 playoff appearance in 8 years, and Cohan is still around after 1 playoff appearance in 15 years.

When will they do the fans a favor and sell the team to a good owner?

By all accounts, Rowell went over Mullin's authority to sign Stephen Jackson to an unnecessary extension. First, why is a non-basketball mind making basketball decisions? Second, will this overstepping of one's duties happen again and who has the last say in personnel decisions?

Will you entertain offers for Andris Biedrins and Monta Ellis this summer?

Will defense be attempted this year?

R Dizzle:

Why did the Baron for Maggs + Marcus Williams trade not happen? What does Rowell have against Baron?

How real is all this talk about trying to get Chris Bosh to the Bay?

Here we are 1 playoff appearance in 15 years and the whole team gets demolished 2 years later. Do these guys seriously believe that they're making a team for a deep playoff run, or are we just trying to sell tickets?

What were the chances that we were going to land KG and why did Rowell say no?

Why did Rowell and Cohan feel it was absolutely necessary to fine Monta last year? Do they think they achieved anything out of it or "taught him a lesson" of some sort?

About Marcus Williams, why this trade made if he wasn't going to get any playing time? He was waived before the season ended. Pointless move - why did it go down?

Who is Mike Jones?

Can R Dizzle be the 12th man?

How much are you guys willing to sell the franchise to GSoM?


Be sure to insist that if they plan on continuing to suck in the coming years, at the very least they should bring back Dunleavy so we have more content for the blog.

Times are tough. Maybe for a change you REDUCE the cost of beer at the Arena 50 cents? Maybe more? C'maaaaaaaaaaaaan!

As for me I'm sure there's tons of very pointed and serious questions I could conjure up like- how did someone with such an unimpressive background manage to become the president of a half a billion dollar corporation?-, but realistically Fitzgerald is just going to toss Rowell a bunch of softballs. So if I could ask one question it would be this:

Can you please bring back Thunder? Pretty please?

As you can see Thunder's resume is far more impressive than Rowell's:


Toss out some questions you'd like us to try to ask in the comments and we'll see what we can do. Chances are we won't get to ask a single question, but I guarantee you all parties involved are reading along at 1011 Broadway Oakland, CA and at the very least thinking about the questions posed in this thread.

If you're on the conference call feel free to use this as an open thread to post updates for our golden folk who can't make it to the call-in event.

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