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NBA Suck Squad: Day 31 of the 2k9 NBA Playoffs

Originally posted: May 21, 2009 2:30 PM PDT

Now THAT was a magical comeback. So much for Fo', Fo', Fo' for the Cavs.

More Day 30 rewinding and Day 31 previewing after the jump...

REWIND: 2k9 Eastern Conference Finals - Game 1

Orlando Magic 107, Cleveland Cavaliers 106 (Magic lead 1-0)

Fear the Sword: Over in Cleveland they knew it was going to be tough, they knew the Magic could shoot and they knew LeBron was going to come up big- they knew. We all know Moses said Fo', Fo', Fo', but what did Mo say last night? I don't think it was really luck- the Cavs were just that good, but it is funny to see them pondering a name change to Third Quarter Collapse because of yesterday's shocker.

Third Quarter Collapse: They're even crediting former Warrior fav Mickael Pietrus for this TREMENDOUS WIN. (Man I miss that guy. He and Thunder always kept us entertained at the Roaracle.)

To tell you the truth, I'm pretty excited to see the Cavs lose. I've been wanting to watch more of their games this past postseason, but it's hard to stay entertained with 8 straight blowouts. This series could be a classic. As a hoops fan it doesn't get any better.

PREVIEW: 2k9 Western Conference Finals - Game 2

Denver Nuggets @ LA Lakers (Lakers lead 1-0): 6pm PST on ESPN

Pickaxe and Roll: If you're rooting for Melo and crew after that painful Game 1 ending all you can really do is call it truly, the one that got away and move on.

Silver Screen and Roll: Even though I'd love to see a Kobe-LeBron NBA Finals, there's no (painful) drug like a Lakers win, especially like Game 1's. Give the Silver Screen and Roll major credit for doing interviews with Houston even after the series with the Rockets came to an anti-climactic resolution. After breaking down the Game 1 boxscore, checking out the view from Denver, and a little Schadenfreude (whatever that is), Laker fans think Game 2 should be better.

My crystal ball says the real big D will prevail in LA. But if my crystal ball is having technical difficulties again and the Lakers do take Game 2, this series is over.

Post your Game 2 predictions and ongoing game thoughts in the comments.

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