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Day 33 of the NBA 2k9 Playoffs

"OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!! OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!" -- Me after LBJ hit The Shot.

LeBron James FTW
35 points (12-23), 4 rebounds, 5 assists, 6 turnovers, 1 three pointer at the buzzer


This is turning out to be one of the best pairs of conference finals matchups EVER. Both series are tied 1-1. There have been 4 games decided by a combined 7 points. Multiple big shots, numerous big plays and the superstars have come out to play.

I just hope you're watching. If you're a basketball fan, how can you not watch at least the 4th quarter? These games are incredibly fun to watch.

Jump like LeBron fading on a last second 3...

RECAP: Cavaliers 96, Magic 95

Some thoughts and links

  • Why was Turkoglu guarding LeBron on the last play? Pietrus had been guarding him most of the 4th and was doing a good job (as good as you can do I guess). Prior to LeBron's big 3, Pietrus had blocked James' shot which led to a turnover and helped force a travel. So why was Pietrus guarding Sasha Pavlovic on the last play? SVG what were you thinking?
  • This is awesome: What does Turkoglu mean?
  • 6'8" 270lbs. That's the same as Karl Malone except this is LeBron, a runaway freight train.
  • I love that Michael Pietrus is playing such an important role. As long as he's not shooting free throws down the stretch, he's providing them a nice boost off the bench. He creates mismatches when the Magic decide to go with Hedo, MP2, and Lewis. 3 tall forwards who shoot the 3 well and can drive the ball. Makes it tough for the Cavaliers to match up. It's fun to see a former Warrior settle into a role and play well in it.
  • The Cavaliers better learn how to hold onto a lead. They had another big lead in this game that they saw disintegrate. 23 point lead at one point.
  • The morning after in Orlando is not quite as bright and sunny as it would have been.
  • Turkoglu is hitting some big time clutch shots. He hit a 3 when they were down 3 with under a minute to go to tie it. Then he hit the go ahead jumper to put the Magic up 2 with 1 second left. They basically iso'd him on Pavlovic and let him go 1 on 1. Not the highly paid Rashard Lewis, not dump the ball to our franchise center, not let Rafer Alston create, they gave the ball to Hedo and let him go finish.
  • Was that shot the greatest moment in Cavs history?
  • Dwight Howard seemed invisible in the 4th. 10 points and 18 rebounds, but it seemed like he didn't even touch the ball in the 4th. 
  • I am in awe of LeBron James. Former Cleveland Cavalier. Future Golden State Warrior. Completely impossible trade proposal: I'll trade the 1974-75 Warriors championship for LeBron James (multiple championships?).


Today's Game (series tied 1-1)
Lakers @ Nuggets
Silver Screen and Roll @ Pickaxe and Roll

  • I wonder if Phil Jackson will learn a lesson from watching Bron hit the game winner. He should have let Kobe hit that game ending shot against the Nuggets in Game 2.
  • I wonder if the Lakers will continue to play DFish so much, they're going to surely lose with him.
  • I wonder if anyone will remind Kobe of this or this when he gets to Eagle County Denver, Colorado? Awkwarrrrrd!
  • I wonder if Carmelo can keep stepping up like he did for the 'Cuse during that championship run
  • I wonder what odds I can get in Vegas on Kenyon Martin going bonkers in this game
  • I wonder how Kobe feels where 2 nights ago he didn't get to take the last shot for the win while the guy who everyone's saying is now the best player did get to take that shot and make it.
  • I wonder what playing in Denver's high altitude is really like and how that affects visiting teams.
  • Prediction: JR Smith drops 20+ tonight.
  • Pick: Denver

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