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RUMOR: Warriors have "strong interest" in Brandon Jennings, but trading for Baron Davis could change that

Quick! Before you read any rumor from here on out from the draft gurus you must read my man TZ's recent wisdom: How to Read Chad Ford (And Other Draft Experts) [Sactown Royalty]

After the jump we've got another juicy rumor... for entertainment purposes only of course.

via Jonathan Givony's DraftExpress blog:

The Warriors are rumored to have strong interest in Brandon Jennings according to several NBA teams drafting in their area, although they may decide to go in another direction if they are able to execute a trade with the Clippers for Baron Davis.

Mo' BD:

More on Brandon Jennings:

I must say I was incredibly impressed with BJ in this famous battle:

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

Thanks to GSoMer 61ixty for the Fanshot > Link.

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