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OPEN THREAD: Easten Conference Finals Game 4 - Cavaliers @ Magic


I like you man.  I like you too dogg. Let's get murried!

This is my most favoritist Kobe quote ever. 

"They whooped us, period," said Kobe Bryant(notes), who scored 34 points. "They whooped us on the glass. They whooped us to loose balls."

Let's have a little competition, shall we?  The GSoM member that can make the best joke from that gets a special shot out in my next few posts.

On a game where the World Wrestling Entertainment packed up its bags and went to the Staples Center because of a double booking, it was only fitting that the fans got their fair share of grabbling and grappling.  55 fouls, 4 technical fouls, and 84 free throw attempts = one aggressive game. 

"I’m sure the world wants to see Cleveland and the Lakers" in the NBA finals, he (Chauncey Billups) said. "You’ve got the best two players in the world, a chance to see them play in a seven-game series. I don’t want to see it. Man, I don’t want to see it. And I’m trying my best not to make that happen."

I'm with you man.  I want to see Vitamin Water get screwed...

Yahoo! Sports recap

Jump for today's game...


Cleveland Cavaliers at Orlando Magic, 5:30 PM on TNT


I need me some Vitamin Water.

"We’re the best team in basketball," he (Mo Williams) said.

Um....excuse you?  The best team in basketball should not be down to 2-1 in a 7 game playoff series. They are playing well (that shot in Game 2 was nuts), but they don't have an answer for Dwight Howard.  No matter how well, LBJ plays, he needs support.  He's averaging over 40 points a game, but it can't be LeBron vs. the Magic.  Just won't cut it..

I'm going with the Magic in Game 4.

Blog Battle: Fear the Sword (Cavaliers) vs. Third Quarter Collapse (Magic)



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