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Introducing... The MingMing Movement!

As you all know due to some seriously poor lotto luck, the Warriors wound up with "fan favorite" Mike Dunleavy and his "smarts" instead of Yao Ming as his 7-foot 6-ness in the 2002 NBA Draft. But there is a (hoops) god my friends.

There's a new spelling for the word "redemption" to add to your already eloquent lexicon Dubs fans. It's spelled "S-u-n M-i-n-g-m-i-n-g".


Sun MingMing's jersey number is #79 for good reason. (AP Photo)

China's Sun shining in Japanese basketball league [AP - Yahoo!]

Jump like you've completely forgotten the golden epic known as The Yi Movement!

It's honestly tough to top Yao Ming. He's a swell big man indeed. He's blossomed into a legit 20-10 big man who gets 2 mutombo's a game. Yao's shooting prowess is nothing to joke about either as he shot nearly 87% from the charity stripe and 100% from the 3-point line this past season (Y! stats).

BUT standing a whole 2 inches taller than his Yaoness, this larger-than-Yao Chinese center one Ming's him. Not to mention something like this has never happened to Sun:


Sun MingMing on the Golden State Warriors means NBA Champs by 2k15

Why? I was in Japan scouting him out last April when he dropped a stunning 19 points and collected 13 boards in a pivotal game against the Niigata Albirex BB, who play far superior defense to the 2k8-2k9 Golden State Warriors. This guy's got next in the NBA.

Don't believe me? Then check out these pics and videos to see for yourself.


There's no denying those insane hops.


Another angle to check out those crazy ups.


He's got great hands as you can clearly see here.


Not to mention MingMing would single handedly bring the stars out to the Roaracle courtside.


Donn Nelson is not a fan, but that doesn't mean Don Nelson isn't a fan.

I mean tell me you remember this...

Manute for 3 in the early 90's >> MingMing for 3 in the late 00's!

Let's hope the Warriors can find a way to bring The MingMing Movement to the Bay before Nellie rides off into the Maui sunset and we're stuck with The Dirty Dozen 2.0 (Part I | Part II | Part III).

The MingMing Movement starts here...

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