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Whoa whoa whoa tiger! It ain't over yet in the East. And why?!


"Cuz I say it ain't over, baby!"

That's right. Last night, in the face of elimination in the 5th game of the Eastern Conference Finals, the Cavs huddled together and decided to run the one play that was more effective than anything else in their playbook.

Give the ball to LeBron James.

And work it did. With 17 of his 37 points coming in the fourth quarter alone, King James also nailed a triple double; grabbing 14 boards and netted 12 dimes along the way.

But they have their work cut out for them as they head to Game 6 in Orlando. The Cavs are going to have to really beat the odds if we have any chance of seeing more Kobe-LeBron puppet commercials over the next few weeks.

Which brings us to tonight's game.



Los Angeles Lakers @ Denver Nuggets

Lakers lead the series - 3-2

Tip-Off: 6:00pm PDT


Can this be it for the Denver McNuggets?! I'll tell you one thing, if it is, they're not going down without a fight. Actually with the way they've been racking up technicals, they might not get out of there without a brawl!

Either way, the Lakers are going to have a hell of a time dispatching Denver on their home floor. This really has turned into an exciting series that I would love to see go to a Game 7. That being said...

Put a fork in this one tonight. Lakers by 5. (And it brings me no pleasure to make that prediction.)



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