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NBA Suck Squad: Day 16 of the 2k9 NBA Playoffs


Chicago Bulls 99, Boston Celtics 109 (Celtics WIN 4-3)

Yes the best player on both teams Kevin Garnett was out [Talking Points], but that was one hell of a series. It's always great to see the Leastern Conference entertain. The Celtics survive and dance [Celtics Blog], but I really have no idea what this about [Celtics Blog].

Props to the Bulls for giving it all they had. There were many memorable moments including this one [Blog a Bull].

I hate to rain on their parade, but here's my Bold prediction: The Chicago Bulls will miss the 2010 NBA Playoffs.

Who knows if the Ben Gordon will even be on the team next season. Brad Miller isn't getting any younger. Jerome James isn't getting into any better shape. Tim Thomas is well Tim Thomas. Kirk Hinrich isn't getting any better. Neither is John Salmons. Tyrus Thomas and Luol Deng are enigmas, but it doesn't look they're anything better than very nice role players. Derrick Rose deservedly picked up the ROY honors, but until he makes a commitment on the defensive end he's going to be putting up empty stats (Rondo's good, but not that good). I could be off and I'm sure I just upset a ton of Bulls fans, but don't forget this non-Bulls playoff prediction that turned out right.

Give it up for Blog a Bull and Celtics Blog for giving this series its due justice.


Miami Heat @ Atlanta Hawks (Series tied 3-3): 10am on ABC

The final game of the 1st round of the 2009 NBA Playoffs should be a good one. Hawks faithful are dropping loser dots [Peachtree Hoops] and ranting about Coach Mike Woodson [Peachtree Hoops]. I think this Game 7 is going to be too hot for Hot-lanta too handle because MV3 has returned [Peninsular is Mightier] and it's GAMEDAY [Peninsular is Mightier] for the Heat.

Blog Battle: Peninsula is Mightier vs. Peachtree Hoops

2nd Round

Dallas Mavericks @ Denver Nuggets (Series tied 0-0): 12:30pm on ABC

Both the Mavs and Nuggets are coming off very impressive 1st round triumphs. The Spurs and Hornets did suffer from some serious injury bugs, but they are still solid squads to be respected- aside from that FIFTY-EIGHT point blowout in NOLA that is.

I'll pass the mic to these experts for the preview madness:

Can you believe that either the Mavs or the Nuggets will be in the 2009 Western Conference Finals? I'm impressed by what both squads have done this regular season and thus far this postseason. This series looks like it could easily go the distance. I'm liking the Mavs to win this series when is it's all said and done, but not Game 1.

It's nice to see Nuggets Nation accepting Mavs Nation and all, but man- it's more entertaining when both sides are respectfully clowning each other. Kinda like this.

Blog Battle: Mavs Moneyball vs. Pickaxe and Roll

Post your Day 16 predictions and any ongoing game thoughts you have in the comments.

Heat @ Hawks:

Mavericks @ Nuggets:

Here's my picks:

Heat @ Hawks: Heat

Mavericks @ Nuggets: Nuggets

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