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Jamal Crawford Hasn't Decided Whether to Opt-Out

Don Nelson, Larry Riley, and many Dubs fans have made it fairly clear they want Jamal Crawford to opt out of his contract with the Warriors. Crawford however isn't so sure.


Can JC go for 50 + 50 next season?

Jump for some info from AOL.

Winning Is Jamal Crawford's Top Priority [AOL Fanhouse]

"As far as the opt-out? Not yet, I'll just be patient and see how things work out. I know there's a lot of talk out there but I'll just be patient and see what happens," he said. "If we keep everybody together in Golden State (we could win) ... but the organization has to want to do that. And that's up to them to call who they think fits and who doesn't. I had fun, like I said before. The trade caught me off guard but I felt like I had a good year in Oakland. I had been doing the same thing I did in New York."

Given the current state of the NBA economy, I doubt Crawford will be able to net a better long-term deal than what his remaining 2 years and 19+ million on the Dubs offer. I don't expect him to opt out.

Last time the golden GSoM community was polled, 61% of you said you'd like to see Crawford opt out of his deal. If anything I bet that voting block has only grown, but we'll see with the poll in this post.

Personally, I'd love to see the JC not opt out and Warriors retain him for next season. I've already dropped some thoughts on this previously, but another thing I'll add is my extreme phobia of a Monta Ellis - Stephen Jackson backcourt. As I've noted before the Monta Ellis - Jamal Crawford pairing would easily make for the worst defensive teamage in the entire league and that's rightfully something to fear. Individually, they're horrific defenders (as we all know) and collectively I have my doubts if they can stop a Stop sign. If you don't know why defense is important, then I'll direct you on over to my colleague JAE's recent debunking.

However, a Monta - Jack backcourt is a turnover waiting to happen and something that scares me even more. Neither of those guys have great handles or acceptable court vision for primary distributors in the NBA and both are prone to careless, silly mistakes with the rock. Monta's at his best when he's slashing to the hole on fast breaks, not trying to create at the top of the key or handle the ball. Jack's at his best when he's the 3rd or 4th option, shooting spot-up jumpers, and being a passing accessory. Despite the defensive woes, I'd rather stick with Monta - JC in the backcourt, with Jackson at the 3 coming to rotate and guard top PG's and wings. JC can bring the ball up and really help minimize the turnovers.

I'm not saying either combo is a winning combo or that the Warriors won't be losing either way next season, but I can somewhat stomach bad defense every night compared to turnovers that drive you nuts. Plus a JC/Monta backcourt could be wildly entertaining...

Look if you're going to lose like the Warriors, barring a blockbuster trade, will be for the foreseeable future, then lose in style. There's no better guy to lose with than JC:

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