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LeBron James Talks about the Cavaliers Loss to the Magic... Sporting a NY Cap

I think Tim Kawakami's opening paragraph of his nice piece What's next for Cleveland and LeBron James: Silence, desperation and someone like Antawn Jamison put it best:

LeBron James left the court without congratulating the victorious Orlando Magic and then exited the arena last night without speaking to the media, and that is so weak and graceless I can barely believe he did it.

Well the media finally caught LeBron today. Jump to see what he had to say and more importantly what he was sporting on his dome.



Dwight Howard didn't seem too pleased with LeBron's 1991 Detroit Pistons vs. Chicago Bulls impression and he shouldn't be. It's an unwritten rule in all sports that you always shake your opponent's hand at the end of the game no matter how bad it hurts that you lost- even in pickup games.

Oh well, LeBron won't be losing that much with a superstar playing alongside him in NY in 2010.

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