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NBA Suck Squad: Day 21 of the 2k9 NBA Playoffs (SB Nation Travelin' Thread)

Today Golden State of Mind is your official home of the SBNation Traveling Game Thread for the 2009 NBA Playoffs.


Welcome SB Nation friends from all 22 NBA Suck Squads gone fishing! Each day a different member of the world class SB Nation hoops consortium not alive in the big dance hosts the playoff game thread, so definitely make sure to click and roll on over to our brother sites each day.

Strap on your Strength Shoes and JUMP for a Day 20 Rewind and a Day 21 Preview. Actually before you do that, check out this ridiculous Q&A with Ridiculous Upside about the NBDL.


Atlanta Hawks 85, Cleveland Cavaliers 105 (Cavs lead 2-0)

The Cleveland LeBrons have ONE GOAL [Fear the Sword]. Championship? Um no... DOMINATION [Fear the Sword].

I hope Cleveland is really enjoying this because all good things must come to an end- especially in random fly over states. Poor LeBron- can you believe this guy has spent his ENTIRE life in Ohio? LeBron 2 NY in 2010... LeBron 2 NY in 2010... LeBron 2 NY in 2010...

No Marvin Williams + No Al Horford = More Loser Dots in Hotlanta [Peachtree Hoops]


Boston Celtics @ Orlando Magic (Series tied 1-1) : 4pm PST on ESPN

Green with envy [Celtics blog] that Kevin McHale's last great move as a Boston Celtic was to kill the 8th wonder of the world known as KG to the Warriors: Is KG walking through that door? Probably not, but Rajon Rondo's got them saying WOW in Beantown. Their game plan seems simple enough- move ball, score baskets. But against those magic moves will it be enough? Even without KG, I'm not ready to say it's all over for the Celts and they're just going to get beat up by Superman- I mean they do wear green and they still got that stuff all the way live.

Orlando Tragic Collapse [Magic blog]: The morning after game 2 seemed a little complacent for guys from the #2 biggety-biggety O (Oakland's #1 and Orinda's a distant #3). Skip to My Lou will be sitting this one out, but cheer up Magic fans and create a caption. I've never seen so many people so excited to see Nate Dogg play hoops, but after you've been through a tough 3rd quarter collapse sometimes you just have to regulate.

I'm going with the Magic for this one. D-Wight D-Flight D-Fense will protect the magical kingdom tonight.

LA Lakers @ Houston Rockets (Series tied 1-1) : 6:30pm PST on ESPN


Ron-Ron whispers to Kobe Bryant: "I know what you did 6 summers ago..."

As my colleague FJ illustrated with pictures what words can't do any justice, this series is just like TNT- it knows drama.

Screening and Rolling [Lakers blog]: As much as we disdain the Los Angeles Fakers and their dirty antics, give them credit- they're trying to make sense.

Dream Shaking [Rockets blog]: Hey, Joey Crawford Houston has something they want to tell you...!!! Tempers are flaring as expected with all those elbows. Well maybe it's just time for another installment of everyone's favorite advice column Dear Kobe. That should clear up this simple misunderstanding. Although it might be worth a second look before we move on.

I'm picking the Rockets in Game 3. They didn't call Houston Clutch City in '95 for nothing.

FYIFF (FYI for Friends)

Many of you SBN hoopsters from other hoopenin' communities might be wondering what's up with "NBA Suck Squad"? We do this for the people.

Like Stephen A used to say on the remarkably underrated and under appreciated Quite Frankly- "It's our house, but you're welcome anytime." To all our friendly visitors please remember while commenting here, that GSoM is a family show. No swearing, no personal attacks, and no throwing objects at other community members (ahem, cough, cough... Detroit and Utah). Otherwise GSoMers are going to have to come at you like Ron Artest in the stands. You best believe we're talking about Indy Artest here, not Houston Artest.

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