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Polling GSoM: Which "hoops quad" will be the kings of Northern California in 2k9-2k10?

There's a new coach in Northern California. He's an oldie, but goodie. 5-time All-Star Paul Westphal will be named the head coach of the Sacramento Kings later today. [Basketball Reference: coaching record | playing record]



Jump for some linkage and a look the the Warriors and Kings' hoops quads.

From Sactown Royalty:

They don't seem to be too enamored with the Doc Westphal hire over in Sactown. We shall see soon enough if Paul Westside is the right man for the job.

You might recognize some folks on rumored to be on his staff [Y! NBA]:
Westphal is expected to hire Dallas Mavericks assistant Mario Elie, and strongly consider ex-Phoenix and Milwaukee Bucks coach Terry Porter and veteran NBA assistant Brian James. Bryan Gates, a rising star in the NBA's D-League for the Idaho Stampede, is expected to be a strong candidate for a spot on the staff.
Mario Elie of course had a great shot at being Mike Montgomery's replacement back in 2006 for the Golden State Warriors, but left once Nellie got here.
Terry Porter struggled mightily with a very talented Phoenix Suns roster with a lot of big names this past season.

Is Paul Westphal a good coaching hire for the Sacramento Kings? Or do you think the other rumored candidates (Kurt Rambis or Tom Thibodeau) would have been better for Sactown?

More importantly and more interestingly which hoops quad of head coach, young shooting guard, power forward, and center do you think will be better in the 2009-2010 NBA season?

Golden State Warriors Quad
  • Coach Don Nelson- Undoubtedly a coaching legend and hoops genius, but does he have the patience and will to right this sinking ship?
  • Shooting Guard Monta Ellis- His immaturity was the #1 reason the Warriors couldn't even reach 30 wins in 2008-2009. Can his resurgence be the #1 reason for the team's improvement in 2009-2010?
  • Power Forward Anthony Randolph- An enigma in all senses of the word. A breakout season looks to be on the horizon for this young man.
  • Center Andris Biedrins- Guaranteed double-double without much defense. Troy Murphy without a jumpshot?

Sacramento Kings Quad
  • Coach: Paul Westphal- He might not be the most exciting coaching hire right now, but he does have a proven track record in this league.
  • Shooting Guard Kevin Martin- His defense this past season was Monta Ellis bad (see what happens when these guys square off), but he is a top notch shooter and scorer.
  • Power Forward Jason Thompson- This guy's a beast. If he cuts down on the fouls, he's going to have a break out season next year.
  • Center Spencer Hawes- Easily the smallest name of out these 6 players, but take a look at these numbers he put up post All-Star break: 13.8 ppg, 8.5 rpg, 2.5 ast : 2.3 to, 0.7 blocks, and 0.6 steals in 33:42 minutes. Will he make a name for himself next year?
Neither the Dubs or Kings will be making the playoffs anytime soon, but they will be facing off four times a season for NoCal supremacy. Who you got?

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