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2009 NBA Finals: Game 5 Lakers @ Magic- Are we going back to Disney Land?

Game 4 was quite painful to watch. Seeing Derek Fisher drop those two clutch treys (give him his props though) was tough to swallow. Fish is definitely adding to his folklore and years from now when he's retired most people are probably going to forget all the low-lights over the years from this dirty, all-time great flopper. His low hoops IQ will most likely be forgotten as well. <sigh>

But back to Game 5- Come on D-wight! Come on Hedo! Come on Rashard! Come on MP2! Shoot, come on Foyle! Send the finals back to LA for the people. I'd hate to see Kobe get his 4th ring this easy (relatively). 


In the words of DMX, "Where My Dogs At?" [via]

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