How to become a playoff team (and why the Warriors weren't)

John Hollinger of ESPN has a set of sortable meaningful team statistics out for the 08-09 regular season. Here's a link.

I took a look at how the Warriors did in comparison to everyone else:

Pace - 1st
Assist Ratio - 27th
Turnover Ratio - 13th
Rebound Rate - 29th
Offense Rating - 11th
Defense Rating - 28th

We were in the bottom 3 in passing, rebounding, and defense.

Then I wanted to see just how important these categories were for playoff teams. The following shows how many "above-average" teams in this category actually made the playoffs. (ex: Only 13% of the "uptempo" teams in the NBA made the playoffs.)

Pace - 13%
Turnover Ratio - 60%
Assist Ratio - 73%
Rebound Rate - 73%
Offense Rating - 73%
Defense Rating - 87%

To summarize, the most KEY element for a team to make the NBA playoffs is defense. 87% of the above-average defensive teams in the NBA made the playoffs. We ranked only 28th. Another key element to making the playoffs is rebounding, in which we ranked 29th. Yet another key element is passing, where we ranked 27th. We can all thank Don Nelson for putting out lineups that can't rebound, can't defend, and for encouraging an isolation-oriented offense.

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