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R Dizzle's Offseason News: Corey Maggette Has a Dream


Less than a week before the draft and the rumors of trades, complaining players, and the usual science has made its way to GSoM over the last few days. However, a few of our current players have been keeping quite busy in the offseason.

Looks like our main man Corey Maggette is getting some love at the Jimmy Kimmel show has he debuts his inspiring commercial about his dream.

Corey Maggette Dream Ad (via JimmyKimmelLive)

In all honesty man, I'm a pretty huge supporter of Magg's game and his skills seeing as though he fit well as the 6th man...but about this dream is uh..I mean..well, I think the Sporty Thievs said it best.

Sporty Theivz - No Pigeons (via stonington)

I'm gonna be pretty upset if Maggs gets traded on the basis that he's about the pigeons.

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