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2009 NBA Draft Q&A: Aran Smith of (Part 1 of 3)

The 2009 NBA Draft is just a few short days away. This time of the year is especially busy for GSoM friend Aran Smith from the mighty, but we were lucky enough to mic him up for the 3 part Q&A.


After the jump we've got Aran's thoughts on how good this draft class is and his biggest sleeper/ bust.

Atma Brother #1 (Golden State of Mind): Many draft pundits don't seem to think that highly of the 2009 draft class and are even going so far to call it the worst in years. Do you share their sentiment? Is there hope for teams that won't be able to pry Blake Griffin from the LA Clippers?

Aran Smith ( It is definitely one of the less talented classes in recent memory. We've been spoiled lately, particularly last year and we can't expect to have that type of talent every year. This draft will have a few nice players that emerge from later picks, but overall this draft is filled with a ton of uncertainty from #2 on down. Not what you want if you're a lottery team drafting high (besides the Clippers. There's hope, but less margin for error.

Atma Brother #1 (Golden State of Mind): Who is your biggest sleeper of the 2009 NBA Draft class?

Aran Smith ( Based on where players are projected to go, I would say Wayne Ellington or Earl Clark. Wayne Ellington is seen as a guy that could fall into the late first (some even say early 2nd). To me he's one of the top shooting guards in the class and scouts are really sleeping on him. If Clark falls into the late teens, he's a very good value pick. He may never realize his potential, but if you're drafting after the lottery, he's too talented to pass up.

Atma Brother #1 (Golden State of Mind): Who's your biggest bust of the 2009 NBA Draft class?

Aran Smith ( To me, Jrue Holiday being considered a potential top 5-10 pick is absolutely insane. He never proved himself in college and now we're supposed to believe based in workouts that he can play point guard? If he was legit he should have returned to UCLA and actually learned to play point guard, the toughest NBA position to master. A team will likely buy into the hype and take him somewhere in the teens, but even that is way too high to me. For a UCLA team that was in desperate need of a scorer, he averaged 5.6 ppg over their last 12 games. I'm not sure how a guy that struggles that much in college can be expected to come into the NBA and do much.


Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 of our Q&A with Aran! Don't forget to check out for tons of year-round NBA Draft mania!

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