Because Laker fans visit this site

Do you whole-heartedly support any of the following examples of being a fan?

-Supporting players and their questionable marital infidelity, some have even called it rape.

- Your secondary superstar running the second greatest coach in the history of the NBA and his absolute beast of a center, one of the top five of all-time, out of town?

- Holding an entire franchise hostage while being vague and immature during free agent negotiations and once signing adding a player option to opt out in 5 years? Does that sound like dedication to a city?

- Killing a previous championship coach, Rudy Tomjonavich, half way through the year because a spoiled brat squashed any chances of signing or luring any prospective free-agents to L.A. with his ludicrous contract?

- That said spoiled brat demanding trade after trade from the city that he saddled himself with by demanding to wanting to win it by himself. The moping, the sad-puppy faces, incessant bus-throwing, aloof nature towards the media and his management didn't even start to slow until the acquisition of Paul Gasol.

Face it: You answered yes to every question and therefor if you are even loosely considered a fan you are a bad one at best.

Side note: Does Jerry West get a percentage of every Gasol L.A. jersey sold to the souless? What a brilliant retirement plan; we all know L.A. fans and teams love to toss their money at questionable purchases- see Ramirez, Manny.

The simple fact is casual, fair-weather L.A. fans and the masses of uninformed, ignorant Laker fans deserve each other. After Magic Johnson retired the Lakers realized they had lost the only identity they had ever had, a winner that finally toppled the Celtics and dominated for roughly ten years. The loss of a winning culture trickled down to the fans and without any champion to root for they all bought Chicago Bulls hats and quietly forgot about the Lakers and their lost glory.

Enter Shaq, a force so dominant that it took Ewing, Robinson, and Olajowon to decline before he even got a whiff of a championship. (Oh, and those Bryant airballs against Utah didn't help much either).

You guys had something to root for again, a team very much taking advantage of the talent lull of for it's era, after a lockout put the NBA on life support. Your identity was that of a team barely good enough to beat a Chris Weeber-led Sacramento Kings squad. A team that faced the likes of the senior citizen aged Smits and Mutombo in the back-to-back finals. A team that beat the New Jersey Nets, a squad that had no business even competing for a championship. A team that teemed with self-loathing and brooded with inner-jockeying for dominance and glory.

While this transpired you smiled and flew gay little Lakers flags from your Exteras, flags that disappeared about five years ago and re-emerged last year mysteriously. You sat in traffic in L.A. after leaving early from games you attended as nothing more that an exercise in showing everyone your social status by way of what seats you could afford. You left early and you'll always leave early, just like your team. Just look at game 6 of last years finals.

You truly deserve each other.


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