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RUMOR: Amare Stoudemire not that interested in the Warriors

This was... interesting.

Amare- It's interesting here I swear!

Tim Kawakami's got the details in Two sources: Stoudemire has little interest in coming to the Warriors [Talking Points]:

Two high-placed NBA sources this afternoon said that Amare Stoudemire has little interest in joining the Warriors and indicated that the likeliest scenario at this point is for him to stay with the Suns this season.

There really isn't much to like about this likeliest scenario. The Warriors need a shake-up in the worst way and at this point Amare to the Bay looked like the best option by far- so good it was pretty unbelievable.

It is not clear whether Stoudemire has expressed this to the Warriors, or relayed it to them, or if it's a change of attitude from the hectic minutes during the draft, when it was widely assumed (by me, too) that the Warriors were close to acquiring Stoudemire.

Hopefully these two sources are Steve Kerr and Robert Sarver just trying to drive up Amare's value.

Stoudemire has told associates that he believes the Warriors could be giving up too much in the proposed deal (Andris Biedrins, Brandan Wright, Marco Belinelli and a wrangle over Stephen Curry) to guarantee that he'd be in a successful situation this season.

Amare- I'm guessing you're reading this. Trust me the Warriors are NOT giving up too much (Biedrins, Wright, Belinelli). I've resisted writing about how little the Warriors are giving up in this heist to avoid it getting dispersed across the web and read by the Phoenix Suns' front offices, but I'm more than happy to tell you how much fun you'll have here in the Yay with Stephen Jackson, Corey Maggette, Monta Ellis, Stephen Curry, Anthony Randolph, Anthony Morrow, and Ronny Turiaf playing Nellieball in front of the Roaracle crowd. Just drop me a line.

Amare 2 the Bay. Let's do this.

More serious and provocative discussion here:

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