The END of the SUNS, be happy!

We have a right to be pessimistic given the awful luck we've had over the years - (first image I get in my mind is the drafting of B. Wright with hopes of landing KG, ouch!) There are countless reasons to be pessimistic. But if you take a deep breath, sit back for a second and soak it all in, it's easy to see what's happening: The Suns are coming to an end. We're about to pass them up.

The media is going nuts with this trade babble because it is evident. I SENSED IT as soon as that idiot Kerr went from being one of the worst writers in the history of Yahoo! Sports to GM of the Suns. We all sensed it when Shaq became a Sun. We all sensed it when Marion left. We all sensed it when D'Antoni left. We all sensed it when Amare started being vocal. We all sensed it when Nash started to show serious signs of age. And we all sensed it when the Suns traded Shaq for nothing.


The truth is, we have the best offer for Amare even WITHOUT Curry. There was no deal on the table, and we know it. There were just some serious discussions before we drafted our guy. Let's give Nellie credit, you can criticize his coaching/defense but overall Don Nelson is an excellent GM/drafter. The media is having a field day because this trade will officially end the Suns status as a playoff team/contender. It was a great run. I've enjoyed watching them and their style over the years, especially those classic 300 point games against the Dubs. But I'm enjoying all this media attention because I can see it in the Phoenix media's tone. They are bitter and desparate to try and stir something up. SORRY GUYS! TOO LATE!

For us, though we can debate it all day long, the bottom line is trading Andris (and scrubs) for Amar'e really makes us a better team and almost a sure lock as a playoff team. Amar'e has risks, but he's an all star. He'll get voted in for sure and fans aren't stupid, they vote for a reason.

Did you think the Suns would drift away silently? Their media is way more on their side. We are stuck with individuals like a certain writer whose name I cannot mention for fear of getting disciplined. But y'all know who I'm talkin about. Wish our media had more "homers". (BTW where is Janny Hu?! I miss her!)

Bottom line, Nellie is still a G, Steve Kerr is just a mooch that is TO THIS DAY still benefiting from being on a team with Michael Jordan, and we're gonna finish this offseason with Curry, a backup PG and Amar'e while only giving up Andris. I'd give that offseason an A grade.


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