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Warriors to Work Out Arizona's Jordan Hill



Shake 'dem dreads and jump!


The Warriors are bringing in Arizona's Jordan Hill on Friday for an individual workout and will get a first-hand look at a prospect who could fall into their laps with the No. 7 pick. The 6-10 power forward is widely-considered a top-five talent, but reports have him dropping.

Do the Warriors already have a pair of raw and talented young forwards, namely Anthony Randolph and Brandan Wright? Do the Warriors desperately need a PG? Sure they do. Does this draft have a bunch of seemingly viable PG candidates? Sure it does.

But who cares? B.P.A. Unless you're one critical piece away from a NBA championship (which doesn't apply to the 2009-2010 Golden State Warriors in case you were wondering), you always draft the Best Player Available. Case in point, the Warriors seemingly already had their tall, lanky, raw "forward of the future" in Brandan Wright at the time of the 2008 NBA Draft. They went on to select another tall, lanky, raw "forward of the future" in Anthony Randolph and got some criticism at the time for the selection from folks who thought it was just duplication. Is anyone questioning that pick now? I'd venture to say the majority of Warriors fans would rather have AR than Wright right now too. B.P.A.

Now the real question is of course: Will Jordan Hill be the best player available at the #7 pick?

Tell me when to go.

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