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Polling GSoM: Are you going to miss Rob Kurz?



Rob Kurz is NOT going to be resigned by the Warriors (Contra Costa Times) and he is looking to new teams.

Rob Kurz won't be back with the Warriors. An unrestricted free agent, Kurz is trying to catch on with the Philadelphia 76ers.

This is a sad day for R Dizzle. In the words of 50 Cent, "Ya know you my favorite whiteboy, right?

Big Thanks to FanPost - Bye Bye Rob Kurz.

Jump for some memories of the Big Rob

Rob Kurz's greatness on the Warriors started in the Preseason in a little game in Beijing where he pulled off a miracle of a shot.

Rob Kurz - Buzzer Beater? (via mmenne85)

Unfortunately, he was cut before the regular season began. That's kind of sad.

But, he was brought back on after a few roster moves - mostly sending DeMarcus Nelson to the D-League, and he was given yet another opportunity to shine.

Kenyon Martin posterizes Rob Kurz (3/28/09) (via LilPharmacist11)

Umm...I said shine, Rob, shine.

Warriors Weekly: Community Spotlight (1/12/09) (via GoldenStateWarriors)

Better, I guess. That might be the best clip I found of you on YouTube. Wasn't even on the court...

Regardless, the man had the right attitude of the game and was a pretty intelligent guy.

Warriors Weekly: Rob Kurz Profile (3/2/09) (via GoldenStateWarriors)

Y'all know I've been his biggest fan since back in December.

Rob Kurz

Admittedly, I'm probably Rob Kurz's biggest fan. If you think I'm joking, I seriously own this


It's hanging right next to my We Believe shirt. I was hoping this guy would be the second coming of Matt Barnes - guy with a chip on his shoulder (undrafted), not really allowed to shoot but had the talent (see Preseason), and no one really had faith in him but one old skool coach (Nellie). After the last few games, this looked like a serious possibility that if it happened I woulda rubbed in everyone at GSoM's face - ESPECIALLY FJ, AB1, Hash YaoButtaMing, and DJ Fuzz Logic - they're all Rob Kurz haters.

They also told me David Leroy Wood was a scrub when he played for the Warriors. Ahem...let me remind you he WAS on the team after their last playoff appearance in the 90s and if CWebb and Nellie weren't having their little tiffs, they would have made the playoffs again cause DWood was going off. He was amazing yo, such a great player.

I'm gonna go ahead and assume you all have no idea who DWood is but he'll probably go down as my favorite Warrior of all time.

Anyway, I guess I was hoping we would that Rob Kurz would be the second coming of David Wood. But being in the starting line up with 12 minutes, going 0 for 4, with only 2 assists and 2 boards ain't gonna cut it man. Even I can't defend that.

Looks like the rest of them are right as always. I'll be right about CJ Watson! Just you wait!

Let's be real here - is Rob Kurz going to be a superstar? Doubtful. He is going to be an All Star? Probably not. Is he going to be a starting PF? Maybe in a few years. Was he a great 12th man?

Yes, YES, and YES.

Either way, if you're reading this Rob, just know I will miss you. I wish you the best - you had a damn good work ethic, and played hard when you got on the court,

I wish you the best wherever you go.

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