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OPEN THREAD: 2k9 LVSL Game 1- Warriors vs. Rockets


Warriors 2009 Summer League Central

Warriors (0-0) vs. Rockets (0-0)

Time: 1pm PST

Video: NBA Summer League Broadband ($14.99)

(I seriously can't believe this isn't televised on NBATV or broadcast online for free. This is the meaningless summer leagues for hoop's sake. Only the geekiest of geeky hoops geeks care.)

Jump for some meaningless preview madness!

The golden people have spoken and they're really interested in watching the now sophomore Anthony's- Anthony Randolph and Anthony Morrow. But most of all they can't wait to see new rookie Stephen Curry. For the entire Dubs roster and more flip back to Polling GSoM: Who are you most excited about watching on the Warriors 2009 Las Vegas Summer League squad?

As you can see the Dubs have the Summer League Dream Team. And yes, that really excites most of us here in Dubs land. It's meaningless, but so are the vast majority of Warriors regular season games under Cohan's incompetence.

For all you could ever want to know and more about the Dubs worthy opponent this afternoon check out the in-depth breakdown over at Ridiculous Upside: 2009 Houston Rockets Summer League Roster Breakdown. You should notice one name in particular... our old friend from The BOOM THO Movement.

Also since the Warriors are facing off against the Houston Rockets, it's a great excuse to check out our SBN brother site The Dream Shake. These guys never cease to crack me up


In terms of post game analysis and hype we have some great stuff in store for you. Yes indeed! Our man Rich from The Dream League is out in the LV scouting the Anthony's and checking out the Masala. Across the SBN family we also have some friends who we can give you live reports from Las Vegas. The mothership for all your Summer League needs is of course Ridiculous Upside.



  • Warriors by 7
  • Anthony Randolph messes around and gets a double-double
  • Anthony Morrow drops at least 3 treys
  • Stephen Curry drops at least 20 points and 5 dimes
  • Rod Benson goes... BOOM THO!
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Thanks to GSoM member nativeson for the legendary artwork.

Post all your predictions and game commentary in the comments section.