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The Shaq Effect?

Whether or not a Stoudemire to GSW deal is or is not on the table, there's been much discussion about what exactly Amar'e brings with him.  We know STAT can score, but will he be up to the task on the glass?  Sending Biedrins out means sending out our best rebounder, one of the best in the league.  Would Stoudemire be able to step up the plate?  Given a difference of more than 5 rebounds per 36 in Andris's favor, it seems like replacing him in the lineup with a lesser rebounder would only exacerbate our Warriors' woes on the glass.  Stoudemire's 7.9 per 36 is extremely underwhelming for a guy expected to man major minutes at either the 4 or 5.  It is also the lowest mark of his career, one where he has shown the ability to be an above average rebounder in the past. What happened?

Conventional wisdom (read: wild speculation) has it that sharing the paint with Shaquille O'Neal caused the radical drop and it was not so much that Stoudemire regressed but that Shaq pulled down rebounds that otherwise Amar'e would have managed to secure.

Conventional wisdom is wrong. 

Amar'e and Shaq shared the court for 1075 minutes last season while Amar'e played 873 minutes with the Gigantic Socrates resting.  With Shaq in the game, Stoudemire managed 7.7 rebounds per 36.  With Shaq on the bench, he a whopping (still substandard) 8.2 per 36!   Yes, playing alongside O'Neal cost Stoudemire rebounds, about a half a rebound a game, still by far the worst of his career.  The Shaq excuse doesn't fly. 

You're going to have to do better than that in the future Amar'e, wherever you go.