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OPEN THREAD - LVSL - Game 4 - Warriors vs Bulls

Krispy Kremes courtesy of the #7 pick


Warriors (2-1) vs. Bulls (0-0)

Time: 5 pm PST

Video: Online Only

A quick analysis of Stephen Curry by Art Garcia of

A younger version of: The quick release brings to mind Ray Allen. Stephen Curry's father, Dell, wouldn’t be a bad comparison, either.
Chances of making team: The sharpshooter from Davidson will be in the rotation. He’s done nothing here so far to suggest otherwise, averaging 22.7 points through three games. Though shooting 35 percent is a concern, Curry looks to be a perfect fit with Don Nelson’s runnin’ and gunnin’ Warriors.

"I hope to go into training camp and prove myself to be a great player that can be productive on the court with those guys," Curry said.


This Bulls Summer League team is full of guys you don't want on your NBA team. Well except for Derrick Rose, he's good. There are two guys who might want a little summer league payback on the Warriors. Never underestimate how getting released from a team will affect how a player plays against his former team, especially in summer league. DeMarcus Nelson and Anthony Roberson may put a hurting on the Warriors.

Since I'm not forking over $15 to watch online and since I'm not in Vegas, I'll be looking forward to reading the Anthony Randolph and Stephen Curry boxscores. Randolph may just get the Summer League MVP. He's putting up consistent 20-10 games. I don't think it tells you anything about what's to come this season, but it would be scary if he wasn't playing well.

Anyways, this is the Bulls first Summer League game so they should be fresh and ready... to get steamrolled by the Warriors! LGW!



  • Warriors by 15
  • AR with 25-15-3
  • Stephen Curry goes for 40!
  • Derrick Rose gets benched for not closing out the playoff series against the Celtics