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Q&A: Steve Kostorowski of Water Street Gym (Stephen Curry's Personal Trainer)

Literally right after the Warriors selected Stephen Curry with the #7 pick in the 2009 NBA Draft back on June 25th our buddy and SB Nation CEO Jim Bankoff hooked us up with Curry's personal trainer Steve Kostorowski. We somehow managed to finally catch Steve in between his offseason training regimen with Curry and Chris Paul for a fun little Q&A.


Water Street Gym does the body good!

(Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)

Make the jump like you're doing some serious offseason training for some major dunking this upcoming hoops season!

Golden State of Mind: Please tell everyone out there about Water Street Gym and in particular the basketball related training you guys do.

Steve Kostorowski: We are a private facility (gym) in DC where we practice a unique blend of private training and physical therapy. We've been training private clients for 20 years and work with many off-season professional athletes

We believe that a player can improve their game and reduce the likelihood of injury by improving their "athleticism". We train strength, balance, agility, power and speed.

Additionally, we hope to reduce injuries and prolong playing careers by addressing and correcting biomechanical weaknesses in the player's body.



Golden State of Mind: How long have you been training Stephen Curry?

Steve Kostorowski: I began my work with Stephen prior to this year's draft.


Golden State of Mind: What does the offseason training regimen for Stephen Curry look like? How about in-season? Is there any weight training program that Curry will be undergoing during this upcoming season?

Steve Kostorowski: In addition to improving Stephen's overall strength we have concentrated on preparing his body for the rigors of an 82 game season. Stephen follows a rigorous "pre-habilitation" program designed to improve balance, integrate his core and protect his joints by strengthening the muscles around those joints.

In season, the terrific strength and conditioning stuff at Golden State will take over and preserve what we accomplished here on the east coast during the summer.


Golden State of Mind: What's the one thing about Stephen Curry that most people don't know?

Steve Kostorowski: Just like when he's on the foul line... ice runs through his veins on the golf course. (Long and straight off the tee.)


Golden State of Mind: What's the single biggest fitness mistake that pro / college basketball players make?

Steve Kostorowski: Too many to list! If I could improve two areas in the lives of almost every player it would be recovery and nutrition. Most guys need to spend much more time stretching, foam rolling and getting massages than they do. The quality of tomorrow's performance begins with the recovery from today's work.

I would also like to see the quality of calories improve both in and out of season. Many guys think, "Oh, I'll burn it off in the game.", which may be true.... but late night, lousy eating takes its toll on the inside and can negatively impact blood pressure, cholesterol levels etc. not to mention adding a few unwanted pounds!

Quality performance begins with quality calories. Oh...and quality sleep.


Golden State of Mind: A lot of GSoMers can be found playing a game of pick up hoop on the playgrounds or in the gyms in our free time. Do you have pre / post game stretching or diet tips for us?

Steve Kostorowski: Same rules apply to GSoMers. Be well fueled and take time to perform maintenance on yourself including stretching (and rest when necessary).

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Thanks Guys!


All of us at GSoM wanted to thank Steve for coming on our online show. Hopefully Steve's helping Stephen do some serious arm, shoulder, and fist strengthening to pump up the Roaracle home crowd!


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