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New Found Trade Money: Warriors can now trade Speedy Claxton and Acie Law

It has been a long, intriguing (Amare Stoudemire rumors and Stephen Curry pick), but mostly unproductive offseason for the Golden State Warriors following their absolutely dismal 2008-2009 season. Radical upgrades were almost promised if not strongly intimated by the organization at the beginning of the offseason. However all we've really seen from this front office and ownership are some financial moves. It looks like they're content to being sub-mediocre next season (again x15). Barring some miraculous player development, the Warriors are about to miss the playoffs for the 15th time in 16 years under Chris Cohan's incomptent ownership. That's.. a joke that no one's laughing at anymore.

But today Tuesday August 25th brings some hope. Jump to see why.

When the Warriors pulled the trigger on a Jamal Crawford for Acie Law and Speedy Claxton swap with the Atlanta Hawks (read: contract dump) right before draft day 2009 they picked up two very valuable expiring contracts totaling ~$7.4 million.

Remember Pau Gasol for a package "centering" around Kwame Brown's $9 million expiring contract? It's Dubs time. (fingers crossed)

Some possibilities:

Andris Biedrins + Speedy Claxton + Acie Law to the Phoenix Suns for...

Amare Stoudemire [ESPN Trade Machine]


Just sync up with Horace Grant for some goggle fitting and we're good to go!


Suns get: A young, elite rebounder who scores extremely efficiently, plus $7.4 million in expiring contracts of which a huge chunk of the $5.2 million they might not actually have to pay (Claxton injury insurance). This shows the Suns are committed to rebuilding, not wavering with an expensive payroll.

Warriors get: An absolutely lethal scoring big man who would be their first All-NBA representative since that guy who had some trouble feeding him family.


Andris Biedrins + Brandan Wright + Corey Maggette + Speedy Claxton + Acie Law to the Phoenix Suns for...

Amare Stoudemire + Jason Richardson [ESPN Trade Machine]


We're already half way there!


Suns get: A fresh start.

Warriors get: In addition to Amar-apostrophe-e to Warriors get a do-over on that silly 2007 draft day swap of J-Rich for Brandan Wright (albeit after some playoff trips left on the table). Does anyone really doubt Nellie can't inflict some serious nightly mayhem on the rest of the association with this lineup?

PG: Monta Ellis

SG: Jason Richardson

SF: Stephen Jackson

PF: Anthony Randolph

C: Amare Stoudemire

Bench: Kelenna Azubuike, Anthony Morrow, Stephen Curry, Ronny Turiaf

Corey Maggette + Speedy Claxton to the Utah Jazz for...

Carlos Boozer [ESPN Trade Machine]



Jazz get: The powerful scoring and rebounding swingman that has eluded them for quite some time plus they cut some of their payroll and cut ties with Boozer to open things up for Paul Milsap.

Warriors get: Their best complete low post threat since Wilt Chamberlain. (It's been awhile.)

See: RUMOR: Warriors after Carlos Boozer

Corey Maggette + Speedy Claxton + Acie Law to the Utah Jazz for...

Andrei Kirilenko [ESPN Trade Machine]



Jazz get: To keep Boozer and Milsap down low for an interesting experiment.

Warriors get: The good (Andris Biedrins) and bad (Kirilenko) Ivan Drago.

Andris Biedrins + Speedy Claxton + Acie Law to the Toronto Raptors for...

Chris Bosh [ESPN Trade Machine]



Raptors get: To save themselves from the embarrassment of Bosh ditching them on the open market in the summer of 2010.

Warriors get: A great young starry eyed power forward.

Check out: RUMOR: Warriors targeting Chris Bosh

Corey Maggette + Brandan Wright + Acie Law + Speedy Claxton to Houston Rockets for...

Tracy McGrady [ESPN Trade Machine]



Rockets get: A better shot at seeing the second round of the NBA Playoffs again.

Warriors get: A superstar- Half Man. Half a Season. TMac could potentially be a very nice trade piece come deadline time too. He could be (don't laugh) the final piece for a contender. Plus the Warriors get Maggette's long term deal off the books.

Speedy Claxton + Acie Law to Houston Rockets for...

Shane Battier [ESPN Trade Machine]


Very interesting triple threat strategy!


Rockets get: To accelerate their inevitable rebuilding.

Warriors get: Someone who actually plays defense.

Corey Maggette + Acie Law to LA Clippers for...

Baron Davis [ESPN Trade Machine]


The Dub Life used to be the good life.


Warriors get: An early XMas present for Don Nelson.

Clippers get: An early Xmas present for Mike Dunleavy Sr.

Check out:

Post any (somewhat) realistic trades you can come up with using the ESPN Trade Machine in the comments. Make sure to give a rationale for all sides involved.

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