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The Boom Tho Mixtape is coming! Rod Benson shows GSoM some love on the mic

He hails from sunny San Diego. He balled up fools on the regular at Haas Pavilion at Cal (check California Golden Blogs). He's easily my favorite D-League balla. He's an author-extraordinaire over at the world famous Ball Don't Lie. He and J Gant are the masterminds behind the Boom Tho Movement. In case you haven't heard... Boom Got Them Dos!

Ladies and gentlemen please put your hands together for... Rod Benson! Our longtime blog buddy is dropping a mixtape appropriately titled The Boom Tho Mixtape very soon and thanks to Rod we scored an exclusive sneak peak.


After the jump we've got one of the freshest cuts off the album called "Internet Dominance" for your listening pleasure. Towards the end of the cut the mighty GSoM even gets a shout out!

"Internet Dominance"

** Special surprise circa 2:00 **

Golden Shout Outs:


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GSoMer nativeson on the Photoshop one's and two's.

From the Golden Vault:

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