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Polling GSoM: Warriors sign Mikki Moore - Who's got better hair?


You all said we didn't make any offseason moves.


The ex-Celtic, ex-Net, ex-Sactown King, ex-man he was on a ton of teams and I don't want to list them all, is now joining our squad.

Jump for some quick thoughts...

"Looking to add beef" is what the new GM Larry Riley exclaimed earlier this offseason.

Does a 7 foot, 225 pound, 11 year veteran fit that role?

I'm sure in Nellie and Riley's world it does.

Let's take a quick gander at Mr. Moore's career statistics, shall we?

  • 18 minutes per game
  • 5.8 points per game
  • 3.9 rebounds per game
  • 0.5 blocks per game

As of now, I got no problems with Mikki Moore. Veteran's minimum of 1.3 million for the year? Whatever. BUT his career has not astounded me to a point where I feel it is necessary to bring him in ont he basis of productivity or to teach our young guys like Anthony Randolph and Brandan Wright. In fact, let me bring up my ol buddy Rob Kurz.

  • 11 minutes per game
  • 3.9 points per game
  • 2 rebounds per game
  • 0.5 blocks per game


Enough...we here at Golden State of Mind welcome Mikki Moore. However, I must say two things


1. Please leave the snake back in Boston. I hear Samuel L. Jackson is running airport security with snake related issues.


2. You have awesome hair - no doubt. But it's NOTHING comparison to Ronny Turiaf's!



What do you think GSoM? Who's got the cooler hair? Ronny Turiaf or Mikki Moore?

Hey Tony.psd - bring on the predator pics!

Thanks to Hoopachoo for the Fanshot!

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