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2009-2010 Golden State Warriors Schedule + 82 "Unstoppable Baby!" Predictions

The offseason is killing me. I need my NBA fix! Tuesday October 27th can't come fast enough. I mean tell me you didn't get excited when FJ posted the Warriors 2009-2010 schedule earlier today.


Given the horrendous product they've put out for a decade and a half, I don't know if Chris Cohan and Robert Rowell feel the same way. [via]

JUMP for a look at the 2k9-2k10 GSW schedule and a bunch of goofy and absolutely pointless predictions.

Before we dive deep into the schedule a few quick thoughts:

  • This schedule looks absolutely BRUTAL for the Dubs this season. Not that the league is conspiring against the Warriors or anything, but when you're fielding as bad of a roster as the Dubs are, ANY schedule against NBA teams going to look brutal.
  • At this point in the offseason going through each game and trying to pick a winner is somewhat pointless (not that we won't all be doing that now). Expect to see some more player movement for the Warriors before October. Hopefully the Warriors can land Amare Stoudemire by merely sending away Andris Biedrins, Brandan Wright, and some futon-replacement. (See RUMOR: Ric Bucher thinks Amare Stoudemire to Warriors still happens)
  • If not, this Warriors team is about to lose... a lot.
  • Unlike last season this team should be a lot more watchable. I'm excited to watch Anthony Randolph, Anthony Morrow, and Stephen Curry. The rest... well, not so much.

#1: Wed Oct 28 Houston 7:30 PM

The Warriors have gotten spanked pretty badly in their home openers recently, but this year they'll buck the trend and start off the season undefeated.

Blog Buddy: The Dream Shake

#2: Fri Oct 30 at Phoenix 7:00 PM

Amare Stoudemire abuses soft big men Andris Biedrins and Brandan Wright. Teams TBD.

Blog Buddy: Bright Side of the Sun

#3: Wed Nov 4 Memphis 7:30 PM

My tipster told me the Warriors will be using this marketing strategy for this game: "Come to the Roaracle and watch OJ Mayo and Rudy Gay drop 70 points on the Dubs!"

Blog Buddy: Straight Outta Vancouver

#4: Fri Nov 6 L.A. Clippers 7:30 PM

Here's our first look at the 2009-20010 Most Improved Team. Baron Davis, Blake Griffin, Marcus Camby, Chris Kaman, Eric Gordon, and Al Thornton. I like it on paper for a bottom-tier playoff team in the West.

Blog Buddy: Clips Nation

# 5: Sun Nov 8 at Sacramento 6:00 PM (NBATV)

Reminscent of last year's meaningless double-OT "thriller", expect a fantastic game between the worst teams in Cali. I seriously can't believe this game is going to be nationally televised, even if it's just NBATV.

Blog Buddy: Sactown Royalty

#6 Mon Nov 9 Minnesota 7:30 PM

#7 pick Stephen Curry will outscore and out-assist #5 pick Ricky Rubio.

Blog Buddy: Canis Hoopus

#7 Wed Nov 11 at Indiana 4:00 PM

Jeff Foster, Josh McRoberts, Travis Diener, Mike Dunleavy, Troy Murphy, Tyler Hansbrough-- I'm not even going to touch that.

Blog Buddy: Indy Cornrows

#8 Fri Nov 13 at New York 4:30 PM

I guarantee at least a few Lebron in 2010 signs at every single game in Madison Square Garden this year.

Blog Buddy: Posting and Toasting

#9 Sat Nov 14 at Milwaukee 5:30 PM

I love the Curry pick, but I'd be lying if there wasn't a little voice in the back of mind constantly telling me that the Warriors are going to regret passing up on Brandon Jennings.

Blog Buddy: Brew Hoop

#10 Tue Nov 17 at Cleveland 4:00 PM

Cleveland's 1-year rentals Shaq and LeBron are going to be interesting to watch to say the least.

Blog Buddy: Fear the Sword

#11 Wed Nov 18 at Boston 4:30 PM

KG and Rasheed bully the Dubs.

Blog Buddy: CelticsBlog

#12 Fri Nov 20 Portland 7:30 PM

Greg Oden abuses the Warriors inside for a career 25-15 game.

Blog Buddy: Blazers Edge

#13 Tue Nov 24 at Dallas 5:30 PM

Do you remember when we used to OWN these guys? My oh my things have changed.

Blog Buddy: Mavs Moneyball

#14 Wed Nov 25 at San Antonio 5:30 PM

By halftime folks will be writing "Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..." in the GSoM game thread.

Blog Buddy: Pounding the Rock

#15 Sat Nov 28 L.A. Lakers 7:30 PM

Warning: A lot of Faker fans and bandwagaon We Believe fans turned back to Faker fans in large doses at the Roaracle this Saturday night.

Blog Buddy: Silver Screen and Roll

#16 Mon Nov 30 Indiana 7:30 PM (NBATV)

Don't forget to BOOOOOO! you know who!

Blog Buddy: Indy Cornrows

#17 Tue Dec 1 at Denver 6:00 PM

While commentators and fans alike are oooh-ing and ahh-ing about this decade's most overrated player Chauncey Billups, Carmelo Anthony drops 40 points fairly easily against the Warriors "defense".

Blog Buddy: Denver Stiffs

#18 Thu Dec 3 Houston 7:30 PM

Is Anthony Randolph headed towards superstardom like we're all hoping or is he a very nice role player and just the taller forward version of Trevor Ariza? Just a thought. Hopefully it's a silly one.

Blog Buddy: The Dream Shake

#19 Sat Dec 5 Orlando 7:30 PM

Mickael Pietrus steps out of bounds a few times for good time's sake.

Blog Buddy: Third Quarter Collapse

#20 Mon Dec 7 at Oklahoma City 5:00 PM

Are we getting a sneak peak at the 2017 NBA Champs?

Blog Buddy: Welcome to Loud City

#21 Wed Dec 9 at New Jersey 4:30 PM

If Brandan Wright is still on the Warriors he gets severely outplayed by Yi Jianlian

#22 Fri Dec 11 at Chicago 5:00 PM

Derrick Rose ABUSES Monta Ellis in every way possible.

Blog Buddy: Blog a Bull

#23 Sat Dec 12 at Detroit 4:30 PM

Even though it's early in the season EVERYONE is clowning the Pistons for that Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva offseason "splash".

Blog Buddy: Motown String Music

#24 Mon Dec 14 at Philadelphia 4:00 PM

Tonight's Warrior Killer is brought to you once again by Monta Ellis. It's none other than the incomparable... Jason Kapono.

Blog Buddy: Liberty Ballers

#25 Wed Dec 16 San Antonio 7:30 PM (ESPN)

We can't give away the GSoM season tickets to this game.

Blog Buddy: Pounding the Rock

#26 Fri Dec 18 Washington 7:30 PM (ESPN)

Just like old times. Gilbert Arenas and Antawn Jamison light up the Arena in Oakland, but play next to no defense. Man I miss those guys.

Blog Buddy: Bullets Forever

#27 Tue Dec 22 at Memphis 5:00 PM

Nellie asks whoever is coaching the Grizzlies at this point in the season if struggling rookie Hasheem Thabeet can shoot three's.

Blog Buddy: Straight Outta Vancouver

#28 Wed Dec 23 at New Orleans 5:00 PM

The Warriors have no answer for Chris Paul, but neither does the rest of the league. Triple-double by CP3.

Blog Buddy: At the Hive

#29 Sat Dec 26 Phoenix 7:30 PM

J-Rich drops 30 at his former home as the majority of Warriors fans, analysts, and homers finally admit that the Jason Richardson for Brandan Wright swap was a horrible, ill-timed trade that expedited WE BELIEVE >> WE SUCK.

Blog Buddy: Bright Side of the Sun

#30 Mon Dec 28 Boston 7:30 PM

With the Warriors down by 30 at the end of the 3rd quarter, Eddie House and Anthony Morrow decide to have a 3pt shootout. Feeling sorry for the loyal Dubs fans in attendance, the refs decide to award Morrow 20 points for hitting a half court shot. Warriors only lose by 10 thanks to the refs.

Blog Buddy: CelticsBlog

#31 Tue Dec 29 at L.A. Lakers 7:30 PM

Bored by ShallowCal, Ron Artest goes into the stands and beats up a few Laker fans. While the rest of the NBA community is outraged, a few, immature Warriors and Kings fans can't contain their laughter. (Yes, I'm included in that group.)

Blog Buddy: Silver Screen and Roll

#32 Sat Jan 2 at Portland 7:00 PM

At this point in the season folks finally abandon that ridiculous notion that Greg Oden is a bust and he's proclaimed as a rising dominant force in the league for years to come.

Blog Buddy: Silver Screen and Roll

#33 Tue Jan 5 at Denver 6:00 PM

Ike Diogu- DNP Coach's Decision.

Blog Buddy: Denver Stiffs

#34 Wed Jan 6 at Minnesota 5:00 PM

Al Jefferson drops a 20-20 on Andris Biedrins.

Blog Buddy: Canis Hoopus

#35 Fri Jan 8 Sacramento 7:30 PM

Kings fans want their team to lose to rack up more ping-pong balls for John Wall. Warriors fans want their team to lose to rack up more ping-pong balls for John Wall. Sometimes when you lose, you really win.

Blog Buddy: Sactown Royalty

#36 Mon Jan 11 Cleveland 7:30 PM

The Roaracle is packed to watch the likely 2010 MVP and I'm not talking about J.J. Hickson.

Blog Buddy: Fear the Sword

#37 Wed Jan 13 Miami 7:30 PM

Michael Beasley has a career night and shows folks why he went #2 overall.

Blog Buddy: Peninsula is Mightier

#38 Fri Jan 15 Milwaukee 7:30 PM

Even though they're 7 games below .500 at this point in the season, the Bucks are still battling for the 7th seed in the Leastern Conference.

Blog Buddy: Brew Hoop

#39 Mon Jan 18 Chicago 1:00 PM

Anthony Randolph and Joakim Noah get into a battle for the ages on the glass. Randolph wins 25-21.

Blog Buddy: Blog a Bull

#40 Wed Jan 20 Denver 7:30 PM

J.R. Smith is tonight's Warrior Killer with 30 points.

Blog Buddy: Denver Stiffs

#41 Fri Jan 22 New Jersey 7:30 PM

Brook Lopez goes 20-10 and sprinkles in a few swats.

#42 Sat Jan 23 at Phoenix 6:00 PM

Amare drops 40 points on 75% shooting. What team is he playing for?

Blog Buddy: Bright Side of the Sun

#43 Tue Jan 26 at Sacramento 7:00 PM

Warriors fans finally decide to put their money where their mouth is and stop paying for Chris Cohan's perennially garbage product. They don't drive up in masses to Sacrapmento to root on the Dubs. Cohan cracks up and busts out his best Dave Chappelle impression- "I'm rich b--y-tch!"

Blog Buddy: Sactown Royalty

#44 Wed Jan 27 New Orleans 7:30 PM

Monta Ellis vs. Chris Paul is pointless, since we all know who's the superior player. (HINT: He doesn't ride mopeds in the offseason) Our attention turns to Andris Biedrins vs. Emake Okafor and Anthony Randolph vs. David West (don't laugh). Interesting.

Blog Buddy: At the Hive

#45 Fri Jan 29 Charlotte 7:30 PM

Hmmm... Jason Richardson for Raja Bell and Boris Diaw. Now that's a decent trade that the Warriors could have made after that WE BELIEVE playoff run to actually improve the team instead of just trying to "save" money.

Blog Buddy: Rufus on Fire

#46 Sun Jan 31 at Oklahoma City 4:00 PM

Right about now a lot of folks will be making a great case why Kevin Durant should be a coach's pick for the 2010 Western Conference All-Star squad. Right about now a lot of folks will not be making any case whatsoever why a Warrior should be named to the 2010 Western Conference All-Star squad.

Blog Buddy: Welcome to Loud City

#47 Tue Feb 2 at Houston 5:30 PM

The T-Mac to the Knicks talks heat up.

Blog Buddy: The Dream Shake

#48 Wed Feb 3 at Dallas 5:30 PM

The Mavs have a top 3 record in the West and abuse the Warriors in Lil' D. Warrior fans are cheering though. Why? Erick Dampier: DNP- Coach's Decision.

Blog Buddy: Mavs Moneyball

#49 Sat Feb 6 Oklahoma City 7:30 PM

Jeff Green beats the Warriors on a last second uncontested 3 point prayer. Sound familiar?

Blog Buddy: Welcome to Loud City

#50 Mon Feb 8 Dallas 7:30 PM

Erick Dampier: DNP- Coach's Decision. Hehe

Blog Buddy: Mavs Moneyball

#51 Wed Feb 10 L.A. Clippers 7:30 PM

Boom Dizzle drops a triple double with our old friend Jessica Alba courtside sporting a Baron Davis Warriors jersey.

Blog Buddy: Clips Nation

-- 2010 NBA All-Star Weekend --

Fri Feb 12 NBA Rookie Challenge

Stephen Curry, Anthony Randolph, and Anthony Morrow will all be reppin' the Yay Area at the Warriors version of the All-Star game. Masala, Rudolph, and Ammo will do us proud.

Sat Feb 13 NBA All-Star Saturday

Please, please, please invite Anthony Morrow to the 3pt contest!

Sun Feb 14 NBA All-Star Game

ZERO Warriors.

#52 Tue Feb 16 at L.A. Lakers 7:30 PM

Phil Jackson and Don Nelson switch sidelines so Nellie can finally see what it feels like to have a championship roster gift-wrapped to you.

Blog Buddy: Silver Screen and Roll

#53 Wed Feb 17 Sacramento 7:30 PM

All eyes are on AR vs. JT and neither disappoint. Randolph collects his first triple double and Thompson goes for 15-20.

Blog Buddy: Sactown Royalty

#54 Fri Feb 19 Utah 7:30 PM

Deron Williams collects the easiest triple double of his life with Monta Ellis guarding him. To make it up to him, Deron gives Monta a shiny new moped after the game.

Blog Buddy: SLC Dunk

#55 Sun Feb 21 Atlanta 5:00 PM (ESPN)

After getting a standing ovation Jamal Crawford drops 50 points on the Warriors. Even though he gives up 60 points, the Hawks still win. After the game the programming manager at ESPN fires the guy who thought it was a good idea to show this game on the "Worldwide Leader".

Blog Buddy: Peachtree Hoops

#56 Tue Feb 23 Philadelphia 7:30 PM

Monta Ellis drops 40 points, but surrenders a career night to Louis Williams as he tops Ellis for 46.

Blog Buddy: Liberty Ballers

#57 Thu Feb 25 Denver 7:30 PM (TNT)

I'd be shocked if TNT didn't bump the Warriors off the schedule here.

Blog Buddy: Denver Stiffs

#58 Sat Feb 27 Detroit 7:30 PM

Even the Warriors are better than this terrible Pistons team at this point in the season.

Blog Buddy: Motown String Music

#59 Tue Mar 2 at Miami 4:30 PM

March Madness begins with DWade dropping a triple double on the Warriors.

Blog Buddy: Peninsula is Mightier

#60 Wed Mar 3 at Orlando 4:00 PM (NBATV)


Blog Buddy: Third Quarter Collapse

#61 Fri Mar 5 at Atlanta 4:30 PM

The Hawks are battling for the 4th seed in the East. The Warriors are battling for the 10th seed in the West.

Blog Buddy: Peachtree Hoops

#62 Sat Mar 6 at Charlotte 4:00 PM

Oddly enough Boris Diaw and Raja Bell destroy the Warriors.

Blog Buddy: Rufus on Fire

#63 Mon Mar 8 at New Orleans 5:00 PM

The tanking is in full effect with Nellie starting 3 D-League call-ups. It's Stephen Jackson and Corey Maggette's turn to take the night off.

Blog Buddy: At the Hive

#64 Thu Mar 11 Portland 7:30 PM (TNT)

Even though Stephen Curry goes off for 30 points, the Warriors get absolutely embarrassed on national TV.

Blog Buddy: Blazers Edge

#65 Sat Mar 13 Toronto 7:30 PM

JAE and I spend the majority of the preview dissing Andrea Bargani's game and the silly extension he received the prior summer. Barganani then goes off on the Warriors for 40 points- which doesn't change a single thing given that Anthony Randolph and Andris Biedrins have the night off and it's against a big man who was called up the night before from the D-League. The name of this big man call-up you ask? None other than The Notorious P.O.B.

Blog Buddy: Raptors HQ

#66 Mon Mar 15 L.A. Lakers 7:30 PM (ESPN)

After missing 30 games already, Andrew Bynum is commonly regarded as having one of the worst contracts in the league. The Warriors SHOCK THE WORLD and beat the Lakers on national TV via a Curry 3pt buzzer beater. Life is good.

Reminiscent of that Pistons-Pacers game on ESPN years ago, Ron Artest once again goes into the stands. This time it's in Oakland and he beats up a few Faker fans in the stands- again. While the rest of the NBA community is outraged, a few, immature Warriors and Kings fans can't contain their laughter. (Yes, I'm included in that group- again.)

Blog Buddy: Silver Screen and Roll

#67 Wed Mar 17 New Orleans 7:30 PM (ESPN)

The Warriors seriously have back to back games on ESPN? All I know is someone at ESPN is about to get fired!

Blog Buddy: At the Hive

#68 Fri Mar 19 at San Antonio 5:30 PM

If there's a beatdown in San Antonio, but everyone fell asleep watching it- does it really count?

Blog Buddy: Pounding the Rock

#69 Sat Mar 20 at Memphis 5:00 PM

Tonight's Warrior Killer makes a second gust appearance. Marc Gasol? I wish. At least he has a famous last name. I'm talking about Hamed Haddadi.

Blog Buddy: Straight Outta Vancouver

#70 Mon Mar 22 Phoenix 7:30 PM

GSoMers and BSotSers have a very rational and in-depth discussion prior to the game about who is a worse defender Steve Nash or Monta Ellis.

Blog Buddy: Bright Side of the Sun

#71 Wed Mar 24 Memphis 7:30 PM

The Warriors get swept in the season series against the lowly Grizzlies... again.

Blog Buddy: Straight Outta Vancouver

#72 Sat Mar 27 Dallas 7:30 PM

Mark Cuban and Don Nelson finally settle their differences and embrace at halfcourt pre-game. Cuban then fires Rick Carlisle and brings back Nellie since a team with Dirk, Kidd, and the Matrix is built for Nellieball.

Blog Buddy: Mavs Moneyball

#73 Sun Mar 28 at L.A. Clippers 6:30 PM

The Clips are in a heated battle for the final 2 playoff spots in the West. The Warriors... are not.

Blog Buddy: Clips Nation

#74 Wed Mar 31 at Utah 7:00 PM ESPN

Warrior fans rally together and go nuts with online petitions. We do not want to see the Jazz abuse the Warriors on national TV!

Blog Buddy: SLC Dunk

#75 Fri Apr 2 New York 7:30 PM

Donnie Walsh and Mike D'Antoni really, really, really wish the Warriors didn't take Curry one spot ahead of them.

Blog Buddy: Posting and Toasting

#76 Sun Apr 4 at Toronto 3:00 PM

Raptors fans delusions end as their squad is eliminated from the final spot in the Leastern Conference Playoff bracket. Proving they're some of the most annoying and homeristic (Is that a word?) fans in the league, they cry a US conspiracy against Canada. Warriors fans can somewhat relate as they finally admit that God is not a Warriors fan.

Oh I almost forgot- Marco Belinelli: DNP Coach's Decision.

Blog Buddy: Raptors HQ

#77 Tue Apr 6 at Washington 4:00 PM

Don't call it a comeback! Gilbert Arenas drops his 10th 40 point game of the season. Why couldn't the Gilbert Arenas rule come before Gilbert Arenas' 2nd season?

Blog Buddy: Bullets Forever

#78 Wed Apr 7 at Minnesota 5:00 PM

Ricky who? Curry shows why he should have been the consensus #2 pick.

Blog Buddy: Canis Hoopus

#79 Sat Apr 10 at L.A. Clippers 7:30 PM

Warriors fans begin planning what it will be like to live vicariously through Clipdom in the 2010 NBA Playoffs. Warriors fans abandon GSoM by the thousands for Clips Nation.

Blog Buddy: Clips Nation

#80 Sun Apr 11 Oklahoma City 6:00 PM

The Thunder are one of the rising teams in the league, but can't turn a profit in such a tiny market. There's plenty of buyers in Seattle...

Blog Buddy: Welcome to Loud City

#81 Tue Apr 13 Utah 7:30 PM

At least this one isn't on national TV!

Blog Buddy: SLC Dunk

#82 Wed Apr 14 at Portland 7:30 PM

This is a very different ending to the season compared to this one.

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