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Around the Associaton: 2009-2010 Miami Heat - Need to get the point.

Aaaahhhh the Heat. The team that logged the abysmal 15 and 67 record in the 2007-2008 season really did a decent job of turning things around last year. On the wings of Dwayne Wade's 30+ ppg as well as solid performances by Michael Beasley, Jermaine O'Neal, Udonis Haslem, and company these guys improved their wins by nearly 30 last year - landing as the 5th seed in the Eastern Conference.

When you see improvement of that caliber from one season to the next, admittedly it can be hard to really determine what gaps need to be filled in order to further improve the caliber of this team. That being said, Pat Riley ain't no fool; even as I write this the Heat front office is likely still working on a few things to propel this team to the next level.


Can't say he's not doing his part!

What does the 2009-2010 Season hold for Miami? Make the jump to see our humble thoughts!

Offseason Moves - Miami Heat

  • Re-signed center Joel Anthony
  • Re-signed center Jamaal Magloire
  • Declined to match Jamario Moon's offer, sending him to the Cavs
  • Acquired Quentin Richardson from the Wolves (who got him from the Clippers - who got him from the Knicks) for center Mark Blount
  • Michael Beasley checked into rehab (granted not an offseason move - but worth bringing up.)

2008-2009 Rewind

  • Ended the regular season with a 43-39 record, an astonishing improvement from their previous years' record of 15-67.
  • Entered the NBA Playoffs as the 5th seeded team in the East.
  • Dispatched in the first rounfd by 4th seeded Atlanta Hawks in 7 games.

So far the biggeest move that the Heat have made this offseason is the acquisition of Quentin Richardson. While he certainly isn't a player that you can build a franchise around, with a career 11.5 ppg and 5 rpg, Q is definitely going to make a difference on the floor night in and night out for the Heat.

The major issue I see here is; this was the only notable move that they have made so far.

Fortunately, according to our brothers at Peninsula is Mightier, the Heat aren't done making the moves to becoming a better team this coming year. The front office is still churning and buzzing with filling a major hole in their starting roster. The need to find a solid point. No stones at Mario Chalmers here, but this team deperately needs a PG of a higher caliber to get the rock into the hands of Wade, Beasley, O'Neal and Q. And Riley knows it.

Check out this article outlining the Miami's scouting for available PG talent. Sadly, the article was written before A.I. signed his year with Memphis, so he is still considered an option in this read. But guards like Jamaal Tinsley or Bobby Jackson may still be viable candidates for the role.

Assuming no other moves are made this offseason, the Heat really have to rely on some serious growth of golden child Michael Beasley. We've all seen talent liedormant until the second or third year in this league *cough Monta Ellis, Andris Biedrins cough*, so maybe there is a chance that Beasley's abilities will start to do the same.

Long story short - the jury is still out on the fate of the Heat. Are they a playoff team with the roster they have right now? Yes. Can they deviate from their first round exit performace without making any other major shake-ups to this squad? Without some serious growth from their youth this year, not likely. Either way, I'll be keeping my eye on this team as the season opens!


For more on the Miami Heat check out Peninsula is Mightier:


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