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Around the Association: 2009-2010 Minnesota Timberwolves - Donde esta Senor Rubio?


Senor Rubio,

Donde esta mi ago? You were drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves with this 5th pick back in June, and yet unlike Eddie Murphy in a fine film, you did not end up Coming to America.

Instead you decided to stay despite wanting no more from your former team, DKV Joventut. So you got them to trade your rights to Regal Barcelona, and poof, you signed a 6 year contract with them. Does this mean you're staying there all 6 years? No. But it does mean it will be a while before you end up coming to the States.

Now what you ask?

Listen Ricky, I get it. I understand why you didn't want to be a part of the T-Wolves. Although they have a great fan base (if you haven't I suggest checking out our SB Nation brother Canis Hoopus), they don't really have a great team. Let's be honest, a record of 24-58 is pretty hard to go to. They lack a superstar and an all-star, but hey, there's potential right? Trust me, I know how that feels.



Gotta love potential.

But let's look at what this organization did for you without even signing you!

Key additions:

Ramon Sessions,Antonio Daniels, Jonny Flynn, Wayne Ellington, Oleksiy Pecherov, Chucky Atkins, Damien Wilkins, Ryan Hollins, Mark Blount, Sasha Pavlovic

Key subtractions: Randy Foye, Mike Miller, Sebastian Telfair, Craig Smith, Mark Madsen, Kevin Ollie, Q-Richardson

Essentially, the T-Wolves traded away two capable players (Foye and Miller) to the Wizards in order to draft you at number 5. They hired a new coach, former Lakers assistant coach Kurt Rambis. New T-Wolves GM , David Kahn, even made plenty of trips to Spain in order to speak with you and your family as well as DKV about a potential buyout. They even claim that the details were worked out. It would have been hard since due to the rookie pay scale, the buyout clause from your DKV contract would have prevented you from making any money directly from the T-Wolves. But hey, there would have been crazy endorsement contracts to sign and you would have made some good money.

Nonetheless, I can see your point. Why go to the T-Wolves? They're a terrible a team, especially since losing KG. That trade was straight up silly, but hey, whatever works to get the Celtics a championship, right? Furthermore,with the T-Wolves original pick at #6, they chose another point guard! Jonny Flynn + Ricky Rubio = weird back court. I get that. But so does Stephen Curry + Monta Ellis, right? Take a look at the Warriors, it's going to be a great year for us!

Moreover, I get that you want to be the focus of the town. Kinda hard when some old guy keeps wavering around a comeback all summer and then finally decides to join a team mid-training camp. No names to be mentioned here. Only pictures.



Gotta respect the T-Wolves, though. They didn't really want to only have Jonny Flynn this offseason, so they picked up restricted free agent Ramon Sessions. Great player if you ask me. Lots of us in the Bay love him too. Best of luck for that.

So what's it going to be Senor Rubio? Well let me break down my predictions about the 'Wolves.

  • Win less than 27 games
  • Sessions + Flynn = strange back court, but somehow it manages to work
  • Kevin Love has another monster year
  • We all see a ton of potential
Like I've said, I get it. You want to come out to USA, but not to Minnesota. Ending up in California, New York, or somewhere on the coasts is ideal for all of us. Luckily, us Warriors fans (well, most of us) enjoy Sunny California. Maybe we'll see you out here, maybe we won't. Most likely, you're not ending up with the 'Wolves. All good, I wouldn't want to either.

See ya in 2011!

Your amigo,

R Dizzle

For more on the Minessota Timberwolves check out Canis Hoopus:


2009-2010 Around the Association

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