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Warriors President Robert Rowell and GM Larry Riley Exclusive Evening with Season Ticket Holders

You've read the Most Popular FanPost on GSoM of All Time- Meeting with Robert Rowell - 8th APR 2009. GSoMer BritWarriorGSW is aiming for that #1 spot once again with The San Quentin Jailbreak with Robert and Larry!

Definitely check out this model FanPost for BritWarriorGSW's transcription and thoughts on Rowell and Riley's answers to these questions and more:

  • Fitz began with a question requested about the team and how they felt the 2009/2010 season was looking?
  • The next question asked whether the organisation would prefer an all star trade or whether it is content to run with the existing team?
  • The next question from Fitz to RR was with regards to an ideal franchise that the Warriors would like to be seen as.
  • The next question was with regards to GSW not having a proven "Big Man" and this went to LR.
  • The next question was - Can Monta Ellis play PG and on court with Curry?
  • The next question covered "Defense and Rebounding" and what we were going to do about it?
  • The question then reverted back to Stephen Jackson and will he be traded?
  • There was then a question with regards to Nellie and his mindset.
  • Someone had then asked a question which Fitz read out: "Could Adonal Foyle become a member of the Warriors staffing?"
  • I asked RR if he remembered discussing "Substantial change" in the last STH meeting and so far it did not seem like there has been substantial change per say? However it is clear with the expiring contracts and some of the trades that there may be a bigger gameplan at play? If so....what?
  • This lead me to my next question and I asked with regards to trades "what exactly is the situation with Stephen Jackson?" I stated that it seemed from the fans perspective that Jackson is in one of two camps, either the "I made a stupid comment that I regret camp" or the "I genuinely want to be traded camp" and if it is the latter, considering the way the fan base embraced him here and especially as the club gave him the extension he was looking for, there may well in fact be one or two "Boo's" come opening night.
  • By now others were waiting to have a quick chat and so my last question to him was with regards to the whole GSW image/logo and is it changing
  • So first I asked about the whole substantial change issue again and the fact that I got the sense from him in the main presentation that right now everything is set.....and yet anything is possible? If so, who is tradable?
  • I went on to ask about the number 1 draft pick for next year in light of what he just said and he said
  • I went on to ask if Brandan Wright was part of this mix and has he put on the weight as suggested?
  • I then asked about Ellis and Jackson in terms of leadership and whether becoming a father has helped mature Ellis, resulting in a different individual than one we have seen to date?
  • I asked him next whether there was any way a starting 5 could be picked at this stage?

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