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Warriors Head Coach Don Nelson Speaks Before Training Camp 2009

On Friday Warriors head coach and NBA coaching legend Don Nelson sat down to talk with the local and national media at large.

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Don Nelson talks, Part 1: "We’ll try to accommodate (Jackson’s trade request) if it’s the right thing for the team" | Talking Points

Nelson said he approached Jackson LAST YEAR to see if Jackson might want to be traded, knowing that many losses were coming with the rebuilding project, so he wasn’t too surprised by Jackson’s feelings now. And he said he’d try to accommodate Jackson, but only if it works for the Warriors–tellingly, Nelson said the trade of Al Harrington, under similar circumstances last year, did not work out well and he wishes he didn’t do it. Oh, it’s also telling because it’s Nelson all but confirming that he’s the real GM. He asked Jackson if he wanted to be traded last year, with Chris Mullin still around, and he’s running the trade show now, with Larry Riley supposedly installed as the GM.

And now his [Anthony Randolph's] work ethic's as good as anybody on the team. You know, he and Morrow are my hardest workers right now.

And he was about the laziest rookie I ever had last year. But he's learned his lesson and he's developed and I don't have that problem with him. He's been in the gym all summer. So I feel good about that.

Don Nelson, Part 2: "I’m giving a free year" in 2011-12 (if Cohan is still the owner and Nelson’s not fired by then) | Talking Points

Oh well. Here’s Part 2 of the Don Nelson pre-camp media session, and yes, this includes the part where he says he offered to work for free in 2011-’12, at the end of his current two-year deal. My quick view: Nice symbolic gesture, but it won’t mean a thing if the team is sold or is terrible, in both cases, Nelson’s services will hardly be needed, for free or otherwise, three years from now. It’s also probably an indication that Nelson believes this team might not win for while–and that he’d like to be coaching it in three years, when Anthony Randolph and Stephen Curry are in their primes.

Nelson not worried about Jackson - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

"Isn’t that funny?" Nelson said. "The most beautiful place in the world other than Maui. I just don’t get it. I guess we just haven’t been good enough for long enough. I think we can change that. I hope so."

Kawakami: Nelson's work-for-free offer not bad for harmless grand gesture - San Jose Mercury News

It's quite a rebate: Buy two extraneous years of Don Nelson, get the third one free! Actually, as far as harmless grand gestures go, this one wasn't too bad. After working through this and next season for $6 million apiece, Nelson says he'll work for free in 2011-12, if Chris Cohan remains the Warriors' owner and still wants Nelson around by then.

Don Nelson Tells Warriors He'll Work for Free in 2011-12 -- NBA FanHouse

"I told Bobby a week ago that after this contract is up, I would like to give the Warriors one more year," Nelson said. "It will cost the team nothing. Whatever they want me to do, for one more year, and not take a salary. Whatever it is. If it's coaching, I'd do that. Carrying bags, whatever. But I would give them one year at the end of this to say 'Thanks.' I appreciate that extension they gave me. They didn't have to do that."

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