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Around the Association: 2009-2010 Washington Wizards- Guess Who's Bizzack?

The Washington Wizards aka Washington Bullets aka Washington Warriors are last, but not least!


Hibachi is Bizzack!


Jump from GSW to the nation's capitol like Chris Webber, Tim Legler, Larry Hughes, Gilbert Arenas, and Antawn Jamison!

AB1's Fav 5 Gilbert Arenas Clips on YouTube

5. Impossible is Nothing Addidas Commercial

How can you not admire this guy's resilience in the face of adversity?

4.Gilbert Arenas 60pts vs. LA Lakers

I forgot to give my friends in SoCal aka ShallowCal a hard time about this one when it happened, so here goes:

Taking a bow and thanking Laker fans after dropping 60 on them was classic.

3. Gilbert Arenas Game Winners

These are all pretty nuts and they happened in one season (06-07).

2. Gilbert Arenas Bounce Pass Alley Oop to Jason Richardson

Good times man.



Good times.

1. It Takes 5ive Addidas Commercial

This one's hilarious, yet powerful. Or is it the other way around?

"But you're not a fool... are you?"

The NBA is simply a better league with Gilbert Arenas around. This guy is wildly entertaining to watch and often makes very little sense. Here's what I mean. From the visual and literary masterpiece created by our friends over at FreeDarko:


[diagram from The Macrophenomenal Pro Basketball Almanac: Styles, Stats, and Stars in Today's Game]

I really hope he's healthy enough this upcoming season and beyond to continue his fun NBA career. Too bad Chris Cohan couldn't look him in the eye.

Gilbert Arenas

#0 / Guard / Washington Wizards



Jan 06, 1982


FG 3PT FT Rebounds Misc
G M M A Pct M A Pct M A Pct Off Def Tot Ast TO Stl Blk PF PPG
2008 - Gilbert Arenas 2 31.0 3.0 11.5 26.1 1.0 3.5 28.6 6.0 8.0 75.0 0.5 4.0 4.5 10.0 0.5 0.0 0.5 2.0 13.0

Rewinding 2k8-2k9 Season

19-63 "good" for the 2nd worst record in the entire association bettering Sacrapmento by 2 games. With Arenas missing 80 games, Brendan Haywood missing 76 and Caron Butler missing 15, they do have a legitimate excuse however.

I'm not a fan of the Wizards firing Coach Eddie Jordan after their first 11 games. I don't know if he's going to like the initial 76ers roster that much, but Fast Eddie is a good coach. Jordan (Eddie not Michael) would be a fine replacement for Coach Don Nelson on the Warriors a year or two down the line. I wouldn't mind that at all.

Projecting 2k9-2k10 Season

44-38 with the chance of advancing to the 2nd round if seeded in the 4 or 5 slot

In the East there's the Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Orlando Magic. Then there's the Atlanta Hawks, Miami Heat, and Washington Wizards. There's a pretty sizable gap between the East's tier 1 and tier 2, but that doesn't mean this can't be one very fun season at the Verizon Center (I guess MCI isn't doing so well).

Who knows maybe our old friends Arenas and Jamison can get a matchup against their foes the Cleveland Cavaliers at some point in the 2010 NBA Playoffs. My fingers are crossed. Re-live the rivalry courtesy of Wikipedia:

Rivalry with the Cleveland Cavaliers

In the 2006 NBA Playoffs, the Wizards matched up with LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in a first-round matchup, in what would turn out to be the first of three consecutive postseason matchups, as well as James' first-ever playoff appearance. The series was considered to be one of the most evenly matched of all first-round series that year. After suffering a loss in Game 1, Washington came back to win Game 2 and steal home-court advantage heading back to Verizon Center for Game 3. However, Cleveland stole home-court advantage right back. Washington came back to tie the series at two apiece with a win in Game 4, but suffered two consecutive one-point overtime losses and thus were eliminated 4 games to 2.

The Wizards and Cavaliers met again in the 2007 NBA Playoffs, this time as a 2–7 matchup. The Wizards were swept 4–0 by Cleveland. Antawn Jamison averaged a team-high 32 points per game in the series.

In April 2008, Arenas made comments saying Cleveland was only a .500 team since a midseason blockbuster trade. After the conclusion of the 2007–08 regular season, the Wizards and Cavaliers were pitted against each other yet again in a 4–5 first-round matchup. Following a regular-season win on March 13th, guard DeShawn Stevenson made comments saying LeBron James was "overrated." James responded to the comment by saying that he would not return the insult, as that would be "almost like Jay-Z [responding to a negative comment] made by Soulja Boy."[17] Soulja Boy made an appearance at Game 3 of the series (played in Washington) in support of the Wizards; his music was played over the PA system.[18] Jay-Z, a close friend of James, got involved in the rivalry as well, making a song that trashed Stevenson. The day after Game 3, James reserved a private room at Love Nightclub in D.C. for himself and his teammates. Jay-Z's new song was played while Cavs guard Damon Jones made negative gestures about the Wizards. Unbeknownst to the Cavaliers, Wizards star Caron Butler and his wife were also present, and they stormed out of the nightclub. According to the ABC broadcast of Game 4, Butler and the Wizards have sworn never to visit that particular club again, despite often frequenting it in the past. After suffering a late-game loss in Game 4 at the hands of a Delonte West three-pointer, Washington won a nail-biting Game 5 in Cleveland to bring the series back to Washington for Game 6 of the series. Prior to Game 6, Darius Songaila, a reserve forward, was suspended for inadvertently tapping LeBron James in the face in the first quarter of Game 5, and without Songaila, the Wizards suffered a season-ending defeat to Cleveland, and lost the series 4–2.

In the 2008–09 season, the series was split 2–2, with the teams winning both of their respective home wins. In the first Wizards' win on January 4, LeBron James was called for a traveling violation, which he later described as a "crab-dribble." The Wizards went on to win that game 80–77. On April 2nd, the Wizards' starting lineup included of Gilbert Arenas and Brendan Haywood for the only time that entire season. The Wizards won the game, 109–101, snapping Cleveland's franchise-best 13-game winning streak.

Dating back to the start of the 2005–06 season, the Wizards and Cavaliers have played each other a combined 36 times (including preseason), far more than they have played any other team in the league.

That's some pretty entertaining stuff. If it weren't for DeShawn Stevenson (who?) talking smack about about LeBron, Soulja Boy would just be a one hit wonder.


Soulja Boy should drop an album like this in 2018.


Now at least he will forever be in the Wizards' wikipedia entry. I guess that's how they do the "Unstoppable Baby!"-ness over in the capitol.

Golden Predictions

  • Gilbert Arenas returns to form and drops 27 ppg, a few insane game winners, and some great quotes.
  • Our old friend named Antawn- not Antwan- drops another 20-10.
  • Caron Butler aka Tough Juice collects an impressive 20-6-4 nightly. Caron is the Washington Warriors version of Stephen Jackson (minus the trade demand and other drama).
  • Andray Blatche is a Warrior killer on Tuesday April 6th in DC. It IS a joke- 25 points (11-18 FG, 1-1 3pt, 2-2 FT), 12 rodmans, 5 dimes, 5 rejections, and 2 interceptions. Milk Carton: Andris Biedrins' defense.
  • Randy Foye proves to be a nice complement to Agent Zero in the Wizards' backcourt. Think the Timberwolves wish they just kept him instead of being embarrassed by Ricky Rubio?
  • 3pt assassin and 921/0083">documented Warrior Killer Mike Miller gets out-dueled by Warrior sharpshooter Anthony Morrow in the 3pt %.
  • Sophomore Wiz 7-footer JaVale McGee (rookie per 36: 15.4 ppg, 9.3 rpg, 2.4 blk, 1.0 stl) has a better season than Warriors third year big man Brandan Wright (sophomore per 36: 16.9 ppg, 9.2 rpg, 1.9 blk, 1.2 stl).
  • Brendan Haywood solidifies the soft Wizards center with 9 ppg, 7 rpg, and 2.0 swats.
  • Nick James is a nice scoring and shooting 1st guard off the bench for the Wizards.
  • Javaris Crittenton has about the same production as Marco Belinelli- not very good.
  • Fabricio Oberto misses the winning on the Spurs, but at least he doesn't have to fight falling asleep watching the Wizards on the bench like he did in San Antonio.
  • DeShawn Stevenson calls LeBron James "overpaid" and we call crack up.

Don't miss the retro-freshness our friends at Bullets Forever have for you 24/7!


2009-2010 Around the Association

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