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Polling GSoM: Do you want Chris Cohan to sell the Golden State Warriors to Larry Ellison?

UPDATE (6:58pm): Okay in the span of a few minutes the NO vote on this poll went from about a dozen to a whopping 160.

Chris Cohan is that you?

Thank you for reading.

(We know you do by the way.)


There's a quite a legacy of kindly requesting Chris Cohan aka the worst owner in all of pro sports to hurry up and sell the Golden State Warriors already here at Golden State of Mind (make the jump for the retro links). So we'll cut to the chase.

Oracle CEO billionaire Larry Ellison of the most interesting man in the world fame and the 4th richest man in the world fame will be sitting courtside at tomorrow night's game between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland LeBron's. As the cooler than cool Monte Poole (check him regularly on CSN Bay Area's Chronicle Live with Greg Papa) notes in Larry Ellison offers hope to Golden State Warriors. We've been campaigning for Cohan to sell the Dubs to Mr. Ellison for years. It just makes so much sense for everyone involved (again we've written this a million and one times- now million and two for those of you counting at home).


WE BELIEVE in an owner who has a basketball court on his yatcht!


The Oracle house should be packed on Monday night. The Warriors are fresh off a 2 game winning streak and the GSoM Night 8 comeback where we quieted those cowbells and showed the world who The Real Kings of Cali are. King James will be in town. Please, please give Mr. Ellison a friendly welcome to the house that Dubs Nation built. Show the man why we all made The Oracle Arena the Roaracle.

I'll pass the mic to you all golden folks to conjure up some brilliant ideas to MAKE CHRIS COHAN SELL THE WARRIORS TO LARRY ELLISON... yesterday. What can we all do Monday night?

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