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Warriors Practice Links - Don Nelson, Ronny Turiaf, Stephen Curry, Corey Maggette interview videos + new Warrior Cartier Martin in-depth

The Warriors returned to work Sunday with a practice session. Anthony Randolph was examined by a team doctor, and is scheduled for an MRI on Monday.

Make the jump for the interview videos from practice and a more detailed look at Cartier Martin by MT2.

Sunday Practice videos

Don Nelson on Randolph's injury and adjusting to his absence, Cartier Martin, facing the Cavs.

Ronny Turiaf on losing Randolph, guarding Shaq.

Stephen Curry on losing Randolph, LeBron James' game.

Corey Maggette on losing Randolph, Cartier Martin, playing the Cavs.

- Most of the articles I found today are based on the above interviews, so I didn't link them.

In depth about Cartier Martin

- Today was Cartier Martin's first practice. MT2 talks about what Martin's done since Summer League and has a few quotes from Martin.
Marcus Thompson II: Cartier Gets Second Chance with Golden State

My Notebook

- With Randolph out, Nellie expects to play Radman more at the 4, to try to keep Maggette away from the 4.
- Nellie sees Cartier Martin as a backup 3.

Twitter fun

- Marcus Thompson II sometimes tweets about unusual things he sees in practice.

Curry, in a one-on-one, crosses over Morrow and nails a fade-away. Morrow literally rips off his practice jersey in disgust. Tore it in two

@BlackBoiPachino said it's the third time he's ripped his jersey. @StephenCurry30, who won the drill 2x, called it a "clean rip" down middle

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