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Warriors Practice Links - Interviews with Don Nelson, Monta Ellis, Andris Biedrins, + Warriors Weekly videos

It's all about videos today: 3 practice inteview videos, 1 SportsNet Central recap of the final play, and 3 Warriors Weekly segments.

Grab the popcorn and make the jump.

Practice videos

Don Nelson on the last play, Radman, Biedrins, a game closer.

Monta Ellis on the last play, the young guys, Biedrins.

Andris Biedrins on his return from injury.

SportsNet Central

SportsNet Central recap of the final play.

Warriors Weekly

Mark Grabow, Director of Athletic Development, on what he does.

Vladimir Radmanovic on fitting in with the Warriors.

Tim Roye's Journal on the Monta and Maggette pregame ritual.

Twitter fun


Had a great workout today. Now it's time to get a lil rest cause I gotta get back in that gym a lil later tonight and get some more shots up

My Notebook

- Nellie doesn't think Turiaf will be available tomorrow, but "you never know".
- Nellie's logic behind not calling the timeout and you need a 3: their half court defense isn't set, harder for them to foul and take away the 3 (which Nellie himself likes to do), maybe you can just walk into a 3.
- Radman is nursing a bad achilles.

Just for fun

- You think the Kings had a collapse against us? Check out how they did against the Magic tonight in the Magic @ Kings gameflow. Ouch.

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