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The Andris Biedrins Made Free Throw Watch


Andris Biedrins has not a made a free throw this season: 12 games, 227 minutes. After last night's 0-2 showing from the free throw line, he's now 0-7 on the season. I know it's not a lot of shots and I'm sure there have been far worse free throw droughts but he hasn't made a free throw since last April! It's a small bit of entertainment in this not so entertaining season.

He's 0-5 since coming back from injury. I didn't know a groin injury prevents you from practicing free throws. Here's the breakdown of his free throws this season:

10/31 vs Houston: 0-2
1/5 vs Denver: 0-2
1/6 vs Minnesota: 0-1
1/13 vs Miami: 0-2

When will he make a free throw? Will he make a free throw this week? This month? This season?

Barnett and Fitz made a suggestion last night. Shoot it underhanded. He's got nothing to lose. The honeys already love him, they'll think it's cute or something. Only real men wear pink and shoot free throws underhand, ask HOF Rick Barry. Beans, I got you covered after the jump with a couple of entertaining and instructional videos.

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