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Warriors Day Off Links: Keith Smart and Don Nelson on KNBR

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Practice was canceled today, so no major news. Make the jump for Keith Smart and Don Nelson on KNBR, a preview of Curry vs Jennings, and a little Matt Steinmetz stuff.

KNBR mp3s

- Keith Smart on player psychology, frustrating injuries, player consistency, team chemistry, summer free agency. I think the recording skipped in the middle in the section about player consistency.
16:04 min: Keith Smart with Fitz and Brooks

- Don Nelson on dealing with the injuries, Monta, Biedrins, breaking the record, Monta not paying attention in the huddle.
16:11 min: Don Nelson with Ralph and Tom

Stephen Curry vs Brandon Jennings preview

- The last time the Warriors faced the Bucks, Brandon Jennings torched the Warriors for 55, but they only won by 4. Curry himself had a decent game also. The rematch is on tomorrow.
Marcus Thompson II: Warriors rookie Stephen Curry looks forward to rematch with Brandon Jennings
Rusty Simmons: Warriors aim to stop - or slow - Bucks' Jennings

From the Bucks side

- Brandon Jennings expects us to play him differently this time.
Charles F. Gardner: Jennings not expecting 55

Matt Steinmetz

- Unless some better news come along, the Warriors will be back down to 8 guys.
Warriors Down to Eight Players Again

- Matt opens up the email bag for another round of questions.
Emptying the Mailbag

My Notebook

- As of right now, Turiaf, Radman and CJ are all doubtful for the Bucks game, leaving an 8 man roster to face the Bucks: Monta, Curry, Morrow, Maggette, Biedrins, Hunter, George, Cartier.
- The injured list: CJ, Radman, Turiaf, Randolph, Bell, Azubuike, Wright, Speedy, Moore (waived).
- The Bucks are on game 4 of a 6 game road trip. They lost the first 3 to the Lakers, Suns, Blazers.
- Player psychology: Each player has a different mindset, and thinks and see things differently, thus needs to be coached differently.

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