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GSOM Kids Day 2


Today marks the 2nd GSOM Kids Day - a day that 100 youths and chaperons get to attend a Warriors game for free. It's all made possible by the Warriors group tickets sales team, especially Chris Murphy and their community relations department. The way it works is that the Warriors donate 100 tickets to us (!) and we in turn donate them to various youth organizations in the Bay Area. It's a great event as both GSOM and the Warriors are able to give back to the community especially those who rarely get the chance to attend a Warriors game. The organizations we're working with this year are:

  • Dream League
  • El Camino YMCA Warriors
  • Oakland Unity High School
  • St. Joseph Fremont Lifeteen Youth Group

Hit the jump for more on the organizations.

Dream League
This is the second year that we're working with Dream League. Our very own Poor Man's Commish runs the league that benefits the youth. This year, James Logan High School students will be attending the game. 

Our mission is to increase inner-city high school students' GPAs, graduation rates, and admissions to four-year colleges. We do this by channeling the unending energy behind thriving adult, ethnic, and corporate basketball communities towards the needs of disadvantaged high school students and the community centers that serve them


El Camino YMCA Warriors
One of my good friends coaches this 3rd grade basketball team in the South Bay. They're NBA All-Stars in the making. He's got a squad with some nice "big" (4'11") and some guards with nice handles. If you're in their league, look out!


Oakland Unity High School
This charter school is doing great things in education for many youth in the East Bay.

The mission of Oakland Unity High School is to provide a college preparatory education to students of diverse or disadvantaged background through a culturally relevant curriculum in an environment that is academically demanding, yet offers high levels of support from faculty, family and fellow students. Unity will be responsive to the developmental and academic needs of students, and allow them to seek success in terms of both academic and social/cultural achievement.

Unity was founded in 2003 as an independent charter high school open to all students in Oakland and currently serves 230 students in grades 9-12


St. Joseph Fremont Lifeteen Youth Group
This organization focuses on life issues that many youth deal by bringing them together in a safe, supportive environment to discuss the issues.

SJ Lifeteen is a Youth program whose purpose is to cultivate the faith of the young people at St. Joseph Catholic parish. Our motto is "Leading Teens Closer to Christ". Through the course of weekly meetings, teens learn more about their Catholic faith through discussion and fun. Life Night meetings are there to act as a haven, a safe place for young people to come together, discuss faith, explore life issues, and socialize amongst their own peers and mentors.


Thanks to all the organizations who are participating! Thanks to the Warriors for helping out the community!

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