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Polling GSoM: Are you going to boo "Captain" Stephen Jackson tonight?

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Golden State Warriors vs Charlotte Bobcats- boring right? I don't think so. You-know-who makes his return.


To boo or not to boo. That is the question.

Top 5 reasons to boo the "Captain" either at the game in the Roaracle or at home in your living rooms after the... JUMP!

Don't get my wrong a few years from now I'll remember the real Captain Jack from WE BELIEVE, but right now when I think "Stephen Jackson" I think FRAUD. So...

Top 5 Reasons to Boo Stephen Jackson

5. For screwing up Warriors Media Day 2009- seriously, who does that?

4. He didn't earn an F on the 2009-2010 Golden State Warriors Midterm Report Card for nothing.

3. For giving up the honor of being a captain (seriously who does that?) and throwing his teammates under the bus after the Warriors didn't make the trades he wanted this past offseason.

2. It's fun to mess with the "young fella".

1. C'mon, I mean Mike Dunleavy Jr. isn't in town tonight- who else are you going to boo?

THERE IS NO ROOM FOR YOU IN MY HEART (right now at least).

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