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Warriors Web Links: Sunday practice - Let's get tough

It was supposed to be a day off on Sunday. After the crappy performance @Blazers, Don Nelson scheduled a two hour all defense practice.

Practice News

Marcus Thompson II: Nellie on his team: "They’re too soft. Gotta toughen up.", with Nellie transcript
Matt Steinmetz: Nelson changes his mind on practice
Rusty Simmons: Toughness called back from vacation

Marcus Thompson II's tweets during practice

Randolph having back issues in practice. Biedrins, after a drill, playfully jumped on Randolph's back. Been favoring his lower back since
Maggette and Ellis was giving the day off. Maggette is here watching on the side. No sign of Ellis
Warriors getting a good workout in. Mostly defense. Biedrins is relentless. So is Curry. He took a pounding in post defense drills
Ellis is here lifting weights. Now that is All-Star behavior
Nellie said Warriors are "soft" and need to "toughen up" - which is why he put them through a 2-hour, all defense practice

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