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Warriors Web Links: Thursday day off

Doesn't look like the Warriors practiced today, so not much happening. Here's the Don Nelson show:

16:30 min Don Nelson on KNBR with Ralph and Tom, mp3
Interesting topic discussed: what kind of player Anthony Morrow is, end of the @Nuggets game

Make the jump for other scattered links and stuff.

Everyone loves Money, er, Matt Steinmetz

- Matt held a live chat session during the second half of the Timberwolves game. Here's the transcript.
Matt Steinmetz Jan. 6 Chat Transcript

- Matt answers his follower's emails.
Emptying the Mailbag

- A quick summary on Curry vs Tyreke Evans. Remember, we play the Kings tomorrow.

Didn't forget about Marcus Thompson II

- Marcus Thompson II poses an interesting question.
Who’s the Better Scorer: Monta or Maggette?

Leftover stuff from last night's @Timberwolves game

- These weren't available when I posted my links post last night, so here they are.
Feltbot recap: Gut Check: Warriors 107 Timberwolves 101

- CSN highlights of the game, plus a little Nellie post game. Biedrins usually interrupts the pregame show with a hug, but this time, Monta jumps in!

Anthony Morrow's bid to be in the 3 pt shooting contest

- A couple of days ago, Rusty Simmons reported that the Warriors were preparing a video showing Morrow's 3 pt shooting sharpness in a simulated 3 pt shooting contest setup. That video has been released. Step into this fanshot for a look.
scraider3: Warriors bid to get Anthony Morrow in the 3 pt Contest

Just for fun

- Found these videos a couple weeks ago. I saved them for a boring day, like today. First, this is my favorite recent NBA commercial. It's cleverly edited and gets me pumped up.
- While looking for the above commercial on youtube, I ran across this.

My Notebook

- Nellie's trying to break Morrow from being just a catch and shoot guy. This could be why Morrow has looked hesitant at shooting lately.
- Nellie has told Morrow about the importance of working on setting up off screens and reading them, but he thinks Morrow hasn't improved much in this area right now.
- Nellie does think Morrow has improved when someone chases him off the 3, and also going in for rebounds.

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