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OPEN THREAD - Warriors vs Kings - GSoM Night 8!


Warriors: 10-23
Kings: 14-20
Tip-Off: 7:30pm
TV: CSN Bay Area
Radio: KNBR 680
Blog Buddy:
Sactown Royalty

First, go head over to our Blog Buddy, Sactown Royalty, and check out their slogan - Crazy cowpoke passion. Makes me almost miss the six (way toooo long) years I spent in Wackramento California.

But I digress. Tonight is yet another special occasion for GSoMers with our 8th, 8th, Golden State of Mind Night at the Roarcle! Special thanks to Fantasy Junkie, Chris Murphy, and the rest of the GSoM crew for their efforts of putting this together. I hope everyone has a great time out tonight with the dope T-shirt, potential prizes, but most of all....



Somehow, and I really don't know how, Fantasy Junkie got the hook up and (as you all know) we are getting the opportunity to ask Anthony Morrow a few questions after the game. It's too late to submit more questions, but go over the thread (GSOM Night 8: Submit a Question for Anthony Morrow) to peep the questions that might be asked.

Unfortunately I won't be able to hit up the game or the post-game show, but I'll attest this - Ammo is not only a super nice guy, but he's a GSoM Fan!


Yo Tony - Photoshop that to "GSoM Night 8"


Homie is 9 months younger than me and 1 foot taller than me. Go figure.
On to tonight's game....
Let's face it - somehow, the Kings have talent and have put together quite the roster. Evans is looking to be the Rookie of the Year, KMart is giving us a reason to shop in Sacramento (it took me an hour to think of that one), this guy Omri Casspi is turning out to be a steal in the first round, and the Kings are looking nothing like they were last year. Mad props to them and their newfound PG. Evans was a great pick.


For funzies, I hopped over to Sactown Royalty (this might be the first time I gave a Blog Buddy so many shot outs) just to check out their preview. Here's what Ziller had to say in his Preview Thread.


The Warriors, contrary to November, fight. Monta Ellis plays 49 minutes a game (or something), Corey Maggette would be an All-Star on Neptune (rational voters there) and Stephen Curry has proven useful if not better altogether pleasant. For some reason, "wacky" has dissembled into "alarmingly curious," and the sheer talent on the roster allows for a nice bit of competitive behavior in the box score.

Monta plays 49 minutes a game? Excuse you - he averages 41.9 minutes a game. Please get your facts straight.

Maggs an All-Star on Neptune? Psshhhhh - try the redubbed planet Pluto. Please get your facts straight.

"Wacky" has dissembled into "alarmingly curious?" No no, try "dysfunctional." Please get your facts straight.

Sheer talent on the roster? We've been in a huge decline since we waived Mikki Moore. Please get your facts straight.

Ziller, my man, I appreciate you humor, but PLEASE GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.

R Dizzle's Predictions

  • Warriors by 1
  • Monta plays 49 minutes
  • Maggette gets the most All Star Votes on Neptune
  • Evans with his first triple double (sigh...)
  • OC goes real OC on us (I have no idea what that means)
  • Anthony Morrow admits how he reads GSoM everyday and he's my #1 fan (I'm yours too!)



Who's going to be the "Real Kings of Cali" after tonight's game?

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  • 17%
    (72 votes)
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